I have been programming my dreams for the last couple of nights with Archangel Raphael  to heal my physical and emotional body of a very painful time in my life  in the year 2000 when someone I loved found someone else, and I subsequently lost the group of friends that we  had. During that time I  began experiencing stomach problems and pain in my lower left back, and  in 17 years it has never gone away. Although I know I am well over him, I am still carrying the memory around in my physical and emotional body. It was a very traumatic time for me.


In the dream, I was either taking a class or just learning from a guy who is a twin. He was being a teacher to me.  These classes were at the club where I live.  At one point, I am sitting in the Grotto Bar with him. I then see a female teacher kissing her student on the lips, and I was dying to tell this other female teacher. Instead I told her that the other female teacher had her period. She is surprised that I told her that. I  laughed, and I then told her that I just could not tell her what I saw. These classes were all for adults.


This dream confused me at first. As the morning progressed, I realized that the guy that I am learning from could mean my desire for a twin flame relationship. Twin could also that I am being guided and helped in balancing my conscious mind and unconscious mind (which carries my stomach issues and my back issues), so that I can free myself of the physical  trauma that I experienced back then. They seem to be a little out of wack with each other.

The female teacher kissing the male student on the lips felt like they were very familiar with each other. It felt emotional to me, and I was uncomfortable with it. I lost a man that I loved in 2000 to a woman who was actually a teacher. Saying that the teacher had her period, and I am laughing at the same time, tells me that I am doing a lot of releasing of this issue.



I am in a pink contest in which whoever wears the best pink outfit wins something. My partner for this contest is a guy named Mike. The whole entire dream involves me searching for the perfect pink outfit. Mike is in the background trying to help me as well. I am searching and searching through all my drawers, but I just don’t seem to be finding what I am looking for. None of the pink combinations feel right to me. I am just not happy and satisfied with what I am putting together.


Anyone that knows me, knows my deep love for the color pink. In this dream, the color pink represents love. Mike, who I was partnered up with, could very well have been Archangel Michael, or perhaps he is my future partner. Although I did not program Archangel Michael into my dreams last night, I feel like he was there trying to assist me in my search for the perfect love connection. Perhaps the Archangels are trying to tell me that my physical problems will disappear when I ALLOW myself to find love.


Tonight in programming my dreams for night healing, I will ask Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael  to continue working with me in my dreams  to heal my body physically and  emotionally, so that I can move forward in my life and ALLOW myself to find love.  I will also ask for them to help me bring peace to that memory.