Linda Kaye
Certified Dream Coach
Professional Psychic Medium

What a wonderful dream journey I had last night. I am so grateful to my Dream Guides for being there for me every night and for the powerful and enlightening night dreams that I have been having. I decided to unravel the mystery of the trapped emotions in my body even further last night; so I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. I asked them to work with me on what I know are trapped emotions in my stomach and solar plexus, since I have IBS and Acid Reflex. I also have pain in my lower left back. Click here to  read my blog from yesterday called MY TRAPPED EMOTIONS DREAM.


In my dream journey, I am living where I live in real life at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. The difference is that I live in a dorm room with other girls and not my condo. Some of the girls that I am living with think I am only a guest getting special privileges. They are upset, because I wrote  all over the giant chalk board in the room that is part of the wall. All I know is that I  wrote the same I AM___________ affirmation over and over again.  I cannot see the rest of the affirmation.  I also have filled  the walls in the room with my own pictures of family, experiences and people I know. The girls I live with do not like that I took over the walls and wrote affirmations on the chalkboard, because I am treating the room like it is my space and noone else’s space. I tried to erase the chalkboard, but it is difficult to erase. The writing is embedded on the chalkboard. I did manage to lighten the writing, so some of it did come off. The girls are still upset, because they say I am ruining or perhaps poisoning the environment by the way I am trying to erase the chalkboard. I finally told the girls that I am a lifetime member of Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, which I am in real life.  In the dream, I realized that I had to pay a $200 fee every year I am a lifetime member, which I had not paid yet. I was worried about it.

There is also a cow in my dream. He is laying on the couch. I petted him, and he suddenly got up and started following me around to get affection and attention.

When I first woke up, I did not think I dreamed. I was surprised and disappointed, since I dream every night. I laid very still, and I asked my dream guides to help me remember my dream journey.  At first the only memory that came back to me was that I had not paid some kind of $200 yearly fee for being a lifetime member. I literally believed that there was a yearly fee of $200 when I first woke up until the memories of my dream came flooding back. There is NO $200 yearly fee.


 I felt nervous, worried, fearful and uncomfortable, because I was not being accepted. I felt like something was wrong with me, and that I was different. I felt disconnected from the group. I felt like I needed to be SEEN. I felt uncomfortable sharing my space, so I took over the space. I felt worried about money. I felt like my feelings and beliefs did not matter. I was afraid of the cow.


According to Doreen Virtue, the number 200 in a dream means that God has not forgotten or abandoned me. Truly, I do have abandonment issues since childhood. Archangel Raphael is telling me that the trapped emotions are also in my soul, so I am going to include my soul in my dream programming tonight. It is obvious to me now what my trapped emotions are. My main trapped emotion is FEAR.

Fear of not being accepted; fear of being abandoned; fear that something is wrong with me; fear of sharing my sacred space. Fear of  not having enough money; fear that my feelings and beliefs do not matter; Fear that I am not smart enough or good enough. I am pretty sure that I carry those fears around in my solar plexus.

As far as the cow, I feel like my dream guides are telling me to cut down on meat. I know that, and there are times when I stay away from meat and chocolate. That is my own way of cleansing myself.  Perhaps I need to be aware of the gifts and abundance in my life and to milk the abundance (so to speak).


What is the affirmation I was writing on the board over and over again?


To work on my main trapped emotions – Fear of not being accepted; fear of being abandoned; fear that something is wrong with me; fear of sharing my sacred space; fear of not being good enough or smart enough; fear of  not having enough money; fear that my feelings and beliefs do not matter. I will also do some third chakra (solar plexus) work in my dreams tonight as well.


It was brought to my attention by my dream sister, Amy, that the affirmation for this month for those in the sign of Aries (me) is I AM. Maybe that was the affirmation “I AM”.