Last night, I once again programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula and Ganesh. I asked them to work with me in giving birth to an increase in my wealth frequencies and to point me on the right road to wealth and success.

In my dream, I notice that I am running out of pink clothes in my closet; so I go out and purchase more pink outfits. In the place where I am, we have to stand in different lines depending on what we need. There is one little girl standing in line to get a rabies shot.  This little girl might have had to have the rabies shots twice.

I came out of this dream with the rabies shot first and foremost in mind. It tells me that this is the part I am supposed to remember. I believe that I am the little girl in the dream, and the rabies shot represents me (my inner child) being protected and healed from the negative effects resulting from the beliefs, insecurities and fears that I brought into adulthood from childhood. Standing in line for the rabies shot means that I am ready for all the changes and to be healed. The lines to me mean organization, and that I am getting my emotional, spiritual and physical life in order. I am doing a lot of healing  on myself. It is taking awhile; however, I am reading and willing for things to open up and happen. I am ready to be healed.

As far as the pink clothes that I bought, I bought a lot of clothes as I became an adult to cover up my feelings of unworthiness. I did not want anyone to see my flaws. Funny though that I now live in a nudist resort free of all those encumbrances. Who knew!

I am feeling happy , peaceful, and unafraid. I will continue to do the work that I am doing in my dreams and while I am awake.

Now, I am awake. I take a short moment from blogging my dreams, and I close my eyes, and I begin the process of dream gazing. I see the little girl (me) sitting in a chair. The doctor takes her (my) left arm and with his mouth sucks all the emotional poison out of her (me) . At the same time, she (I) becomes alive with emotional aliveness. Her (my) eyes and her (my) face get bright, and she (I) awaken to her (my) own inner and outer beauty and the beauty of life. She (me) stands up and opens up to the unlimited version of herself. She is saying “I AM FREE”! She is dancing to the freedom of music, which only she (I) can hear. Yes, I am lucid dreaming while I am awake. I have chosen my direction,and I am following the road to happiness, enrichment and joy.