Dear God and Archangel Raphael. While I am sleeping tonight and in the morning, please envelope me in your healing energy, so that I can sleep peacefully and deeply uninterrupted throughout the night waking up feeling like I had a good nights sleep. While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to make a paradigm shift from a scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm. Thank you God. Amen.


I am inside a building or a house, and there is this guy in the building/house that I really care about. He is getting ready to leave for 3 months. I know that I am really going to miss him, and I know that I have to tell him how I feel and that we have to hug and connect. We embrace and hug each other, and I tell him how much I am going to miss him. The hug is important, because our hearts connect when we hug. I look through this huge bay window, and he has gone outside with this woman. They are standing in the pouring rain and wind. The woman who has short dark hair comes back inside, and she tells me that I am her best friend. She wants me to help her plan her wedding. There is another woman, a blond. She seems to be the female version of the man. She is kneeling down in front of me.  I tell her how much I am going to miss her, and then we embrace and hug. 


This dream has two meanings to me.

I wonder if this is a precognitive dream, and, I also wonder if  the man in my dreams is the man that I am going to get involved with in possible 3 months, which would put it into the month of August. I feel like it was my purpose in that dream to make a heart connection with him by hugging and embracing, so when he returned we would feel connected. I am not sure who the woman with dark short hair is who said I was her best friend. Perhaps I am going to be making some new friendship connections at the Celebrate Your Life weekend in Chicago in June.  A wedding  is a union of two souls. The heavy rain shows some difficulties that I have been going through the past few months.  I am thinking that the blond woman could represent  me reconnecting and realigning with myself and just feeling better all around. 

Another way to see this dream is that whatever I am doing right now to make the paradigm shift may take 3 months to complete. Archangel Raphael and God made the hug connection with me to make sure I made the connection with them and felt the energy.  Either way, this was a powerful dream.