Cat Dream

I programmed my sleep and my dreams last night with my Dream Guardians to help me to have a very restful, healing and peaceful sleep, and for them to help me to remember those healing dreams in the most beautiful ways that I will recognize and remember.


I am in Vegas. I met this guy who looks and sounds like Aiden from Sex And The City. I think there is hope between us. The next thing I know I have moved, and I am living in some kind of medical or hospital setting. The Aiden look alike is dressed in typical doctor’s blue uniform (could have been a surgeon) as he peaks his head in the door of my room, and he tells me that he is getting married. I am disappointed. There is another guy in my bed with a pussy cat. The sheets are white. I ask him to  get the cat off the bed and to change the sheets, since I am allergic to cats. There is yet another guy that I want to connect with, but I get the feeling he is with someone else too.


For me, the medical/hospital setting is showing me that I am in the process of healing my relationship issues. I have been single for awhile.. Aiden was in love with Carrie from Sex And The City, so I know this is all about lov eand romance. It is also about sex intimacy, since there was a cat in the bed. For me,  a cat in my bed represents my feminine side, sex and intimacy.  My mother invaded my space growing up in more ways then I can count. Do I want to share my space with someone? I enjoy sleeping alone, but I do miss the aspect of intimacy when sleeping in the same bed with someone.  I have a strong feeling that the cat is my mother.  Since I want the cat off the bed and the sheets to be changed, means  that I could be in the process of making a paradigm shift from fear of sharing my space to acceptance. Clearing my mother from my vibration and beginning anew with a new love (healed, cleansed and purified)  is what I strive for.

I felt clear when I woke up that this had to do with my love, sex and romantic life. I continue to ask myself if I am fully ready to share my space with my future soul mate and lover.


I have 29 Oracle Card Decks, and I was drawn to the Mermaids and Dophins Oracle Card Deck this morning. The first card I picked was MOTHER HEALING, which confirmed to me that I am correct in mu interpretation of this dream. The second card that I picked is  CONSULT AN EXPERT. I had a wonderful dream conversation with my Dream Sister, Amy. The third card is FRIENDSHIP, which again is Amy. The 4th Card was PROTECTION. I am safe.


I will continue to program my dreams with my Dream Guardians and ask for restorative and healing sleep.