Last night, I programmed  my dreams with my Dream Doula for the purpose of giving birth to a new love and giving birth to a prosperity consciousness. I also asked to give birth to a new and improved unlimited version of myself.


In this segment of my dreams, I was writing down positive messages and affirmations for others to see on a daily basis. I feel like these dreams were telling me that I have to think positive everyday without fear, because it is causing me great emotional pain to walk with my fears in life.  I also feel like it is telling me that I should post positive affirmations on facebook everyday for others to see. I feel connected and positive doing this.


A  woman that I know in real life (with the same birth date) ran and jumped into a small portable swimming pool missing the pool. She hit the edge of the pool and hurt her right knee and left leg  just below the knee. She had two big bloody red gashes in both legs. Everyone ran to help her, including my friend, Donna, who is a nurse. I feel that this woman is me since we have the same birth date. Knees and legs carry us, and the woman running and jumping into a small pool is an indication of my strong desire to heal in certain areas of my life. The small pool filled with water is showing me that I have to think bigger and think expansion in all areas. Thinking small (like I am not enough) is holding me back. It is showing me that I am not alone, and that I have a lot of support and love in my life. I am healing slowly. I feel the pain of being hurt.