Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula. I asked my Dream Doula to help me to reconnect with the man with the red love tattoo that I kissed in my dreams  the night before (check my blog post of 3/4/17). I also asked her to help me to reconnect with prosperity and success that were at this meeting I attended in my dreams from the night before. 

In my dreams last night, I meet this woman from Las Vegas. This other woman and I invite her to come visit us. The woman in Las Vegas is in some kind of group/organization. She wants us to connect with this group/ organization, which now I feel could have been a symbol for love, prosperity and success. She suddenly turns it around on us, and says no you are coming here to Las Vegas to a meeting. I am not prepared to go, because I am about to get my taxes done (for real) & it’s weighing on me. I know I owe money on my taxes, so I am pretty sure that I cannot afford to go. My mind is racing on the fact that I would have to get a hotel room. She tells us the date of the event, but then someone who the woman in Las Vegas is affiliated with gets the dates mixed up. The woman in Las Vegas is yelling at him to correct the dates. The other woman that was invited has decided to go with her husband. I believe that the meeting was changed from the 16th to the 19th.

I checked out the website, and I discovered that Angel Number 16 is showing me that my angels are letting me know that my thoughts create my reality. This is so true, because if I keep saying that I cannot afford this or that, it could come to pass. The angels are also saying to trust that all of my needs will be met. I am being divinely guided.

In Angel Number 19 (the date that the meeting was changed to in my dream) the Angels are also letting me know that  a phase or situation in my life is coming to an end. Now this could be my fears and beliefs about money instilled in me since childhood. The angels  want me to know that one door is closing as another is opening. I look forward to wonderful new beginnings in my life.

This dream brought out fear, worry and nervousness about money and about missing opportunities to travel.  I wonder if Las Vegas was just a symbol for the meeting in which I reconnect with love, prosperity and success. I ask myself the question, Am I not ready for love, prosperity and success? Is worry and fear always going to get in the way of finding love, prosperity and success? Nevertheless, my intention is to continue with my dreams about these meetings to see what I can uncover, resolve and heal.

Going to Las Vegas can certainly come to fruition in my future if that is where I really want to go. Actually, I want to be where love, prosperity and success are, which I know is within me.  Now to bring it out in me. Although I did not connect with the man with the red tattoo last night, VIVA LAS VEGAS! Time will tell. We never know what life has in store for us. In Las Vegas we take chances. Life is a gamble.