I programmed my dreams last night with God, Cupid and Archangel Raphael to help prepare me emotionally, sexually and spiritually for my future soul mate and for me to attract someone who is emotionally , sexually and spiritually available. I also asked to remove anything that was blocking my path to love.

I dreamed that I did not dream or remember my dreams for a few nights. In the dream, I was very upset, because it would be the 3rd night in a row I did not remember my dreams. I am wondering around searching under things and inside things for my dreams. I am definitely searching. There is an old dark looking car in my dreams that looked abandoned. Noone was driving it. Other people were helping me, but I could not find or remember my dreams.

I woke up upset, because it is so unusual for me not to dream or remember my dreams, but then I realized that I DID DREAM. My interpretation is that I am searching for my soul mate, and this was God, Cupid and Raphael’s way of preparing me. The car, well that to me is an old abandoned car, and I feel like I could have been releasing abandonment issues from childhood.

I just now also realized that this dream of searching for my dream could be that I have been on Ancestry.com for almost two years searching for information on my biological father; however, I decided not to renew my subscription almost a year ago. My biological father disappeared and abandoned the family when I was 2 years old never to be found again, and I had decided two years ago to see what I could find. Instead, I found what I needed to know from a geneologist friend of mine and my brother who I discovered knew the whole story.  I was not sure of what else was out there. Besides that, the DNA match ups were 180 pages of 4th and 5th cousins.  I had decided that I did not need to know anymore; HOWEVER, someone contacted me yesterday, because Ancestry had linked us together as close family siblings or first cousins. We talked on the phone, and we discovered some shocking coincidences. Neither one of us is sure we want to open that can of worms,so for the time being or perhaps permanently it is being pondered.

My journey to find out the truth began in December of 2014, when I went through Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny. During a group guided meditation and blessing, my biological father came to me and held me. It was a very profound journey that started me on my search on Ancestry for the truth. Click here to read about my Tony Robbins Date With Destiny experience.