In the last couple of days I have had some very powerful dreams. I am also currently attending iColette-Baron-Reid’s online Oracle School Each morning, I pick a card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck for any messages for my day. The last couple of days, I have asked about the messages in my dreams.

I programmed my dreams for both November 27th and November 28th with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael. I asked them to continue working with me through my dreams in helping me to make a paradigm shift from a scarcity belief paradigm to an “I am deserving of all the love, joy and prosperity that the universe has for me now” belief paradigm.


I followed some other people, and I drove to an unfamiliar neighborhood.  I then walked into an unfamiliar house where I saw an unfamiliar woman standing in the driveway, and she welcomed me into her home. I felt a little lost, and I wondered how I got to where I was; however, I never did find out how to get back. I was standing and staring at the freeway, which I could see in front of the house.

My Dream Interpetation – I feel that this woman was Spirit standing in the driveway welcoming me into a new mind set and a new dimension of my life. This new mindset is about  letting in and accepting love, joy and prosperity into my life. I felt a little lost and turned around there, because I was not used to this mindset. It was unfamiliar to me. I was wondering how to get back to where I came from, but I never figured it out.  There were two other dream segments that I do not wish to share in this public forum; however, I did privately journal them.

My Oracle Card for the Day – TIME FOR A NAP – I understand this card due to the other dream segments that I had.. It is telling me to let go of attachment to the outcome. I am doing the work, so just let things unfold.


I went to the beach, and got to the edge of the beach. I was with a woman; however, she kept forgetting things and wanting to go back to get whatever she had forgotten. We were meeting other people at the beach, and I wanted to get there quickly to join the group. I eventually left her behind to catch up with me while I moved forward to get to my destination to meet my friends on the beach.  She caught up and walked with me to join the group.

My Dream Interpretation – I am sensing that this dream shows that I am in transition from my old self (the other woman) and mind set to my new self and mind set. To me the beach represents freedom.  There is a woman with me, and she represents my past self.. My past self is holding me back from a new state of mind where there is a lot of emotional freedom, a more fulfilling life and a new mindset. Instead of letting my past self hold me back, I began the journey of moving on to my new and improved self (the beach).  In doing so, my old self caught up and blended with my new self. I definitely am making a paradigm shift.

Oracle Card For The Day –  NEW LIFE – From the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck when I asked what the message was from the dream I had last night. While I was shuffling the cards, I heard BREATHE. I am letting the old me go, and I am breathing in new life. That feels really good. I am feeling peaceful and joyful.