Last night, I called in the Mermaids Of The Sea. I feel a connection to them, and I knew that they would be there for me. I asked only for them to show me if I am ready for my emotionally available future soul mate. or if I have more work to do. Apparently, I have more work to do.


In my dream, I tied up my cell phone, so that no calls could come in or go out. I struggled to keep it closed.

My interpretation of this dream meant, for me, that the lines of communication to  my future soul mate at this moment are  shut down. Perhaps  I am not as available as I would like to be, and I still have more work to do. It could also mean that my future soul mate (whoever he is) is not ready to come in yet.


The good news is that in the next dream segment of my dream as I  started to open my car door to get in it to leave,  a woman came up to me and offered me a delicious raisin muffin.  I ate one, and it was absolutely delicious. She told me to walk down to the bakery down the street and get some for myself. I walked down there and almost missed the bakery. I passed it once, and then I found it. I walked in to such delicious looking baked deserts. I was complimented on my hair, and I ordered maybe about 4 or 5 of the delicious raisin muffins. I can’t remember exactly how many-a handful or less.

My interpretation of this segment of the dream is that the raisin muffin represented a taste of success in love.  The bakery is for me a sense that something wonderful is being cooked (baked)  up romantically for me in the oven of love, and that I will reap the rewards of my hard work that I have been doing in my dreams; If this man in the bakery represented my future soul mate, then he is going to love my pink and red hair. I do not, however, remember what the man looked like who complimented my hair. WOOHOO! My love is in the oven, and he will come out soon enough when he is ready.


I drew three cards from the deck for the mermaids interpretation of my dreams last night. The first card I picked from the deck is RECEPTIVITY.  It means  that it is time for me to allow myself to give and receive love and to let love in. The second card I picked is called TRANSPARENCY.  The mermaids are telling me that through all the work I am doing in my dreams that I am becoming more present instead of living in the past. The third card that I picked is BEAUTY. It is time for me to accept my inner and outer beauty and to allow others to see me as I meant to be seen.