Dreaming Programming With Eros

Last night, I programmed the beautiful mermaids of the sea into my dreams to show me which windows and doors to love and prosperity to open . I also asked them to provide me with the key to  opening the windows and doors to love. I asked them to help me to clearly remember the dreams and messages that I receive; and if there is any healing energy to be done while I am sleeping, for me to remember it as well.  I woke up at 4am to use the restroom. Usually,  my dream recall is excellent. I  lay in bed very still, so that all parts of the dream can come back to me; however, duty called. All I could remember at that moment was one small tiny piece of the dream. I then went back to sleep and asked the Mermaids to help me to continue with the dream, so that I could remember all of it. I woke up again at 7:45am, which for me in my world is sleeping in late.  This time my dream recall was on point, because the mermaids brought my dreams all back into my memory banks.

In the dream, I am actually trying on clothes to take with me on vacation (the part I originally remembered). I then get to my destination, which is a hotel on land. I get to my room, and I open the cabinet doors and put away my clothes, which includes one of my favorite summer dresses. I then go outside, and my hairdresser (Jules) is there. She wants to introduce me to some guy. She tells me that he is probably 10 or 20 years younger then me, which I find too young for me. In real life, my hairdresser who I love to pink pieces is engaged to a man 20 years younger then her. She also tells me that the guy that she wants to introduce me to is living with his mother or that the mother is living with him. He is taking care of her. I see the guy, and he is wearing glasses (like me) and he has light brown hair.  I talk to him, but I tell Jules that I do not feel an attraction for him.

All of a sudden, while outside in the sun, birds fly over and I feel droppings on my head. I thought it was bird droppings, but I am told that it is from the trees and the air, and I get a sense that these droppings are good for my hair and that the droppings are made from love. Even now, it gives me a peaceful feeling. I am also told to wash my hair, but the droppings have made my hair soft. I do not want to wash my hair, because I just had it colored by my hairdresser; so I opt not to.

I  decide to go to my room, take a shower, change my clothes and watch The Bachelor, because I did not think that anyone there would want to watch The Bachelor on the communal TV. I get to my room, and I open the cabinet door  to pull out my favorite summer dress only to discover that my clothes are not in the cabinet; instead there is lots of food  in the cabinets. The packages of food have been opened. I open all the closet doors,  but my clothes are gone, and I am thinking that someone stole them. I am very upset, because my clothes are missing. All of a sudden, some guy opens the door to my room with a key and bursts open. I yell at him to get out, because it is my room. He leaves.  There is a another door open in my room, and I see a naked man on a chair heavily kissing a woman. I leave them alone allowing them to continue kissing.


What an interesting and revealing dream! Thank you Mermaids for really coming through for me. I am grateful. To me, losing my clothes in a dream means that a part of my soul and identity was stolen, and I strongly believe in childhood. I have been reading the book by Robert Moss called “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”.  It is about soul retrieval.

Since some guy’s mother was mentioned in the dream, I feel like it was my mother who sabotaged my right to love and be loved and my right to prosperity. I have to work on soul retrieval issues regarding my mother. Last night before I went to bed, I felt and realized so clearly the feelings of not deserving prosperity (and also love).  Since there was food in the cabinets, I feel like that there is emotional and  financial nourishment there for me to access.  Although the doors and windows to love and prosperity are open to me, I have to deal with my mother issues in order for the doors and windows of prosperity to open even wider for me AND STAY OPEN. The droppings on my hair, like I said, were some kind of healing being done on me; like I am being bestowed with loving and financial energy. I feel very peaceful about that.  Wanting to watch the Bachelor was, of course, looking for my Bachelor. The guy opening  the door with a key upset me, because of the way he burst in.  I kicked him out, because he was the wrong guy and because he was crossing my boundaries;  however, at the same time, there was the naked guy heavily kissing the woman with the door open. I allowed that to happen, so there is hope for me. LOL. The mermaids showed me which door to keep open.