Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please continue to work with me  in my dreams tonight in helping  me to make a paradigm shift from  a limited, scarcity and unworthy belief paradigm to an abundance, prosperous and worthy belief paradigm,  so that I can open up and receive and accept all of God’s divine blessings and miracles into my life in the form of a loving soul mate relationship and greater abundance and prosperity in my life.


In my dream journey last night I happened to walk  into the real estate office where I live. There is a very hot sexy light haired man in the office, and he is looking for a place to live for him and his son. I am wearing my vibrant and bright  pink and orange maxi dress. He thinks I am a real estate agent, and he asks me if I would take them to look at homes to buy . I agreed. Suddenly, he leans into the back of me. I ask him what he is doing. He says “Would you like me to close the door?”I tell him “no due to the thought that he wanted to get intimate with me, and I had just met him”. He tells me that he is a doctor, and points to the sexual part of myself. I instantly think that he is a gynecologist, but he tells me that he is an energy healer. I tell him that it’s cool, because I am a healer as well.

The next thing I know, I am in a small space like an elevator with two very young and handsome hunky men. They are not wearing shirts, and they are in overalls and suspenders. Also a friend let me borrow some videos that are from the past. When I go to leave, I have to also borrow an umbrella, because it is raining outside.


WOW!  It took me until this afternoon to interpret what it meant  when he leaned back and asked me if I wanted him to close the door. He was giving me the option of closing the door to the past, which I believe was from childhood into adulthood. In my dream, I thought that the reason that  he  asked if I wanted him to close the door was so that he could get sexual with me. I had just met him, so I said no.

Another way of interpreting my dream last night is that the purpose for doing dream programming with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel was to be guided into the life of my dreams. In order for me to be guided into the life of my dreams, I asked to make a paradigm shift from a limited, unworthy and scarcity belief paradigm to an unlimited, worthy, abundant and prosperous belief paradigm. When I told him no to closing the door, I still received healing from the hot sexy doctor of love, intimacy and sexuality.  Although, I was focused on making a paradigm shift for both in love and money, it feels like the main focus in my dream journey last night was on love, sex and intimacy. I believe that the handsome hot sexy doctor in my dream journey last night was doing  healing for me in my yoni, since I haven’t been intimate with a man for awhile  due to not being in a relationship, so I believe that the hot sexy doctor was getting me ready for my next relationship and an intimate and juicy encounter. LOL. I am ready.

Real estate for me is the changing of my mind set and the paradigm shift that I am making from a limited, unworthy and scarcity belief paradigm to a worthy and unlimited and abundance belief paradigm. Although, I included money in the dynamics of programming my dreams last night, it seemed like the focus was mainly on love, sex and intimacy with abundance overtones. There was an abundance of sexy men around me in my dreams. The videos from the past represents my past love story. Yes I took them, and went into the rain. The rain was cleansing and healing for me.

The color orange on my dress that I was wearing in my dream represents the sacral chakra located (in the lower stomach), which is associated with sexual desire and pleasure. The color pink is associated with love and romance.


I picked the card DOOR TO PERSONAL HEALING AND HAPPINESS. The message is loud and clear. I was being healed last night in my dream.