I am so excited to share with you my  awe inspiring and beautiful weekend I had at the Divine Wisdom Retreat with Denise Linn, Collette Baron-Reid and Lisa Williams. All three of them were amazing together. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend this retreat and stay at the beautiful JW Marriott Hotel and Spa in Phoenix. Each room had a Balcony, but with the temps reaching about 114-118, I didn’t spend much time outdoors.
Denise Linn blessed us with her past life regressions (which I love) and meditations and even an exercise on the shadow effect. I loved the exercise in which we got into groups of 5 and shared and visualized our dreams with eachother into reality for the future, and that is not even the half of it.
Among other things, Lisa Williams and Colette Baron-Reid both stood on stage and read the dead. It was amazing to watch how they can mesmerize a group like that.
What I absolutely loved about being at this retreat was that I was able to be with other like minded people like myself and totally make some beautiful spiritual connections.
The picture above was on Saturday night at the masquarade ball. Yes I did have a mask. I took pictures with and without the mask. I just wanted to show you that the Fairies were there with me this weekend, and they showed up without my mask on.
I am excited that I will get to experience the awesomeness of Denise Linn again at the Gateway Dreaming Retreat on August 5 for a week at the Inn At Loretto in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is an all inclusive certification course, and I will be incorporating what I learn and experience into my offerings. I am going to also (once I am certified) offer on line dream circles. One of my goals is to work with my clients in Astral Traveling to their future soul mates. I have astral traveled in my dreams, but never with intention, so I want to learn and teach you how to do it with intention. We are going to be Astral Traveling to eachother in this workshop. Amazing! The possibilities are limitless.
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