OMG, so much controversy on the TLC Show 19 KIDS AND COUNTING.  I have watched the show many times and often wondered about their PERFECT LOOKING family. With so many children, there were bound to be those children who would stray from the beliefs of  their very strict parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Dugger. I knew that with all those children there would be the ones that would eventually stray from the family beliefs of courting and side hugs.  I pondered about  what they would do if they found out one or more of their children were gay. It is not a tragedy in the real world, but in their world they would be horrified.

What I never expected was that their oldest child, Josh Dugger would be a child molester. Although he was 14 years old when the events occurred, they happened. I partly blaime it on the strict upbringing of his parents, and his curiosity, but he. He did, however, crossed boundaries, which was very very wrong. They delt with it in their own way, but he NEVER got help. What about his daughters who were molested and touched. They need to get help themselves. The most important question is what about his children. I seriously worry about them.

Although a very unusual family dynamic, I do not think the whole family should be punished for Josh Dugger’s misguidings and mistakes.  Would you call the police on your son if he molested one of your children or would you immediately take him and the other child for therapy? I know if it had happened in my family, they would have swept it under the rug and pretended it never happened.  I also think the show needs to be more authentic and real and not as fake as it is. They are not the perfect family.

Josh and his little family (on the way to a big family)  need  to be stricken from the show, but 19 Kids and Counting should not be taken entirely off the air in my opinion. They have the show to pay their huge grocery bills and other expenses.  If they do a spin off on the girls, it would be very boring.

Just sayin…..