Do you wonder about your favorite celebrities like Khole Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Char, Madonna, etc?  Here are a few celebrity predictions for 2014. Just hits the comments button, and I will add my celebrity predictions for the celebrity of your choice. Here are a few to start with.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN– divorce is going to go smooth however the emotional effects from this will last her until middle of next year when a musician is going to win her heart.

MILEY CYRUS Miley needs to play out her fantasizies; however, not everyone sees her as this wild child. Miley has plans to go even more non traditional and I am seeing her maxing herself out through drugs or alcohol eventually. She will straighten out her focus and i see her going more traditional and more subdued in her singing career within the next four years.

CHER– She is going to make herself more known in television. I am seeing directing, and I see her commiting to a very TV Series Special in the next nine months to a year.

MADONNA– I see  the announcement of her being in  a starring role in a movie by the middle of 2015.

JUSTIN BIEBER – He is going to  wind up being in a movie, and this movie is not going to be a box office hit. In fact, I am seeing his career going topsy turvy for awhile.  I sense he has a super strong need for attention, and this is going to get him into even more trouble then he already is in either this year or next year.  He and Selena are going through difficult times and I do see him making promises to her that he can’t keep. I do not see them together as a couple in the future, and I am seeing him in the arms of another woman (slightly older) within the next six months.