Strawberries & Chocolate For Breakfast?

I woke up this morning reflecting on my life as a single gal. Believe it or not, after a short brief marriage, I have been single for 42 years. That my friends is a very long time. Yes when I was younger I definitely wanted to get married again. It didn’t happen; and so now at 62 (63 April 12), I am no longer looking for marriage (and haven’t been for awhile). I.. Read More

The Naked Goddess

A naked goddess is a woman who stands proud in her true inner and outer beauty in all her divine nakedness  This post is for women in nudism and for women who are inhibited by body shame. You do not have to be a nudist to love your body naked or to even see yourself in a bikini. Seriously, I feel more comfortable in a nudist environment totally nude then on a beach.. Read More

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