Soul Mate Love And Divine Energy

Divine Energy is God’s energy, and he works through us to bring about changes,improvements and solutions in any aspect of our lives. In this particular blog, I am speaking of asking for divine energy to come infor the specific purpose of improving our love, sex and romantic lives whether we are single, dating, in a committed relationship, married or in a difficult soul mate relationship. Soul Mate Love is very powerful, but sometimes.. Read More

Soul Mates And Twin Souls

This is Part 2 Of My 3 Part Video Series. Click here to  find Part One on soul mate connections on Youtube. There has been so much talk about Soul Mates and Twin Souls over the years, and so I’ve decided to video blog my own take and belief on the subject of soul mates and twin souls. Soul Mate connections keep our spirits alive and our hearts happy. Our souls need to.. Read More

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