Soul Kissing

The best kind of kisses between two people who are attracted to eachother are French Kisses which is when you go deep into eachother’s mouths and tongues connect. I like to call French kissing Soul Kissing, because kissing is a true part of timeless intimacy between two souls. I do not see how two people can make love without kissing. Kissing is the turn on and enhanced  sexual and emotional component for making.. Read More

My Boob Journey Of Self Discovery

Captain's Dinner on the Bare Necessities nude cruise

I just wanted to share with you all about my recent BOOB JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY. I am a 62 year old woman living the nudist lifestyle full time.  I  have been a part of the nudist lifestyle for over 20 years. In the clothing optional resort where I live in Florida for the past 11 years, 70% of the women have boob jobs. I have seen some beautiful boob jobs and some.. Read More

Sexual Fantasy Affirmations

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy that you wanted fullfilled? I do. Read my prior blog posts to discover what my sexual fantasy is. There is nothing wrong with having your sexual fantasies fullfilled as long as it doesn’t negatively effect or do harm to another person or yourself. Here are some perfect sexual fantasy affirmations just for you. Choose one and repeat it out loud over and over again 1/2 to.. Read More

How I Overcame My Extreme Fear Of Driving

Until I was 40 I had an extreme fear of driving-a real strong phobia. I walked and took the bus everywhere.. I did NOT even own  a car. I felt like I was living life in slow motion. I was angry at myself everyday.  I started going to CODA (Codependents ANonymous) to work on relationships. Well I unexpectedly ended up doing the 12 steps on my fear of driving. In the middle of.. Read More

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