The Journey Of A Sexy Single Gal Revised

Pink Chick Psychic

I have decided to share  part s of my childhood with you, so that you will understand the ever evolving love journey that I have been on, and so perhaps these little parts of me that I am sharing can help you to evolve and grow as well. My biological father disappeared (never to be seen or heard from again) when I was 2  years old and my brother was 6 months old.. Read More

Affirmations For Deep Love

I myself prefer to leave it up to the universe when it comes to loving relationships. I want whatever God wants for me, so the love affirmations I do for myself are more generalized; however, if you are someone who would like help in your relationship. the following affirmations are perfect for you. Repeat the one of your choice 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour.. Read More

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