My Dream Two Nights Ago

I have had many many very vivid dreams in my lifetime, but recently  I have been dreaming a lot. I believe it is due to my wonderful discovery of EFT Tapping. I get the sense that I am doing a lot of releasing. I always pay attention to the symbols, and I blog the significant dreams that I have.  I had a very intense dream two nights ago. This Asian Emperor was in.. Read More

EFT Tapping

I wanted to share with all of you that in the last week I have discovered on youtube the powerful healing method of EFT Tapping.  My friend and hairdresser, Jules Phariss, turned me onto it. I don’t know why I didn’t discover it before. WOW! In this last week, I have been  concentrating on a particular tapping video by Brad Yates for attracting a loving relationship, and I have have been having some.. Read More

Divine Love Affirmations For Lost & Found Soul Mates

Divine Love is God’s love; and when you use Divine Love in your  affirmations to improve our love life , they can be very powerful. These affirmations are to enhance Soul Mate Love and to bring back lost soul mate love.  I have been repeating affirmations for as long as I can remember. I used to repeat affirmations to bring a soul mate back into my life, and it worked if it wasn’t.. Read More

Affirmations For Disolving Problems In Relationships

  Childhood issues and past relationship issues effect your present and can really wreck havoc on your belief about yourself and your love life. What you believe creates the environment you are in. If you don’t believe you deserve love, your unconscious self will work to sabotage your relationships. Perhaps you have abandonment issues that resulted from being abandoned by a parent in childhood.  Fear and anger can cover a broken heart and.. Read More

My Precognitive Sex Dream Last Night

HAVE YOU EVER HAD A  PRECOGNITIVE SEX DREAM THAT CAME TRUE? Precognitive dreams are the ability to see the future in your dreams by dreaming about events before they occur through a sixth sense. I  consider myself to be one of the lucky ones who has precognitive dreams-especially precognitive sex dreams.  Not everyone remembers their dreams. I dream in  color.  I always know when I am about to get into a sexual relationship,.. Read More

Tony Robbins Date With Destiny

  In 27 days from today, I will be in Boca Raton, Florida at Tony Robbin’s Date With Destiny.  I booked it Thanksgiving weekend last year after going to Unleash The Power Within in New York, and I can’t believe Date With Destiny is finally almost here. Unleash The Power Within was like being in a rock concert, so I know Date With Destiny is going to be one major incredible powerful experience.. Read More

More Affirmations For Great Sex

  Our sexual responses, reactions, and our abilities to receive sexual pleasure begin with our frame of mind; however, childhood parental issues and other issues and traumas, along with society beliefs about sex and our parents belief s about sex, inadvertently are passed onto us. All of this shapes the way we FEEL and experience sex. I believe that the biggest mistake that parents make is they don’t tell their children that their.. Read More

Oh How I Love The Word Naked

Although there are many aspects to me,  I love being “naked”, and I love the word “naked”. Yes, I know, that the word “naked” MIGHT have a sexual connotation for many people; however, I personally prefer the word “naked” better then the word “nude”. The word “nude” is a camoflaged meaning for being “naked”. The word “naked” has a much stronger meaning than the word “nude”. Being naked means that I FEEL FREE.. Read More

Breaking Up In A Text Or Email Message

First and foremost, in my mind, it is NOT ok to break up with someone in a text or email message. I have read recently where a huge number of people dump their boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other digitally these days. It started with computers, then cell phones and now there is on line dating. Oh  and let us not forget  social networking, like facebook, where people can break up in front of the.. Read More

Geeze Don’t Men Believe In Romance Anymore?

Excuse me while I vent about something  that happened in the last couple of days.  Guys do you not believe in romance anymore? What happened to being respectful and asking a woman out. If I am NOT dating you and have NEVER dated you, please don’t walk up to me and tell me you want to fuck me. If you do that, I know you’ve told a thousand other women that you want.. Read More

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