Raising My Core Vibration Dream

While on the recent Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, October 15-22. and also through my dreams, I have been asking for a much clearer connection with my Higher Self/my inner God. I am also asking for my Higher Self/my inner God to work with me in my dreams (and while I am awake) to point me in the direction I need to go with the book that I am writing called “How To Know When Someone.. Read More

Five Powerful Ways To Remember & Blog Your Dreams

I am Linda Kaye, a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner through Denise Linn, a Dream Goddess Coach & professional psychic, and the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with simple ways of remembering, interpreting and understanding your dreams. Always keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed. If you wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, make sure no matter what that you write down.. Read More

My Being In The Moment & Going With The Flow Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my Inner god (same thing) and The Wonderer, my beautiful blessed turkey feather given to me by Denise Linn on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise. I strongly feel the spirit of an indian (The Wonderer) in that feather, and I keep him on my dream alter. I asked to have a clear connection to communicating with my inner God, my higher self and.. Read More

My Powerful Godfather Dream Very Early This Morning

Once again, I programmed my dreams with my higher self and my inner God (both the same) to show me the direction I need to go in my love, sex and romantic life, with my book, with my psychic and dream coaching business, with finances and with health. I dreamed of my Godfather, David Mendel. He passed on at least 30-35 years ago. My mother was in the dream, and she has been gone for 5.. Read More

Programming My Dreams To Connect With My Higher Self

  The last couple of nights, I have been programming my dreams specifically for communicating with my higher self and for my higher self to show me the direction I need to go in all aspects of my life. It is different for me when I program my dreams with my higher self, because I receive still pictures (like that of a camera). The night before last, I saw that I was in a.. Read More

On Line Dream Study Circle Beginning Soon

ATTENTION BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS!  Two dates are available. Starting Monday, October 31 at 6pm Eastern for 4 weeks (+November 7, November 14, November 21 PAY HERE TO GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT. $75 per person for all 4 weeks (Minimum 5 people, maximum 10 people) Starting Saturday, November 12 at 10am Eastern for 4 weeks (+November 19, November 26, December 3) $75 per person for all 4 weeks  (Minimum 5 people, maximum 10 people) PAY HERE TO.. Read More

Dream Programming With My Sacred Turkey Feather

On the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, I went to a Special Event held by Denise Linn. Each of us got a beautiful blessed turkey feather from Denise Linn. We meditated with our turkey feather for the name. The feather carries the spirit of an Indian man named The Wonderer . I feel a lot of powerful energy in that Turkey Feather. It is now on my dream alter. Last  night, I programmed my dreams with God, the.. Read More

My Fabulous Experience On The Cruise Into Spirit Cruise

WOW WOW WOW! I am blown away by the whole Cruising Into Spirit experience aboard the Oasis Of The Seas October 15-22, and I am still in a “fog” from the breakthroughs and powerful experiences I had. I can honestly say that the the speakers that put on the workshops were the “cream of the crop”. I went on the cruise with a group of approximately 225 people. Although strangers when we got on.. Read More

My Powerful Akashic Records Lucid Dream Last Night

I programmed my dreams last night with God, the Holy Spirit and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to continue to raise my core vibration that has already begun to raise while I am sleeping and dreaming and while I am awake. I woke up around 4:00am in the morning and then continued the dream until around  6:40am. I know that I was lucid dreaming.  I was trying to figure out what was happening in my dream,.. Read More

Intuition Cruise

READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE ON THE CRUISE INTO SPIRIT NEW AGE METAPHYSICAL CRUISE ABOARD THE OASIS OF THE SEAS 10/15-22, 2015.  AMAZING! I have some absolutely FABULOUS exciting news that is absolutely guaranteed to tickle you pink. Yes that’s right, YOU are very soon going to have an opportunity to not only meet Linda Kaye, the Pink Chick Psychic, in person, but also to receive a reading from me in person.  I very.. Read More

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