Singles Night In My Dreams

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Roman Goddess Venus  and Angel Mihael into my dreams. Venus is the the goddess of love, sex, fertility and beauty. Mihael is the Angel of lasting love and soul mates.  I asked both of them to guide me into the arms of  the perfect soul mate relationship for me, and  I asked for an uninhibited relationship where we could equally express ourselves.    I woke up.. Read More

Oooh La La! My Hot Pink Garter Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Mihael, the Angel of lasting love and soul mates.  I asked Mihael to guide me to my soul mate. I dreamed that twice a day the “powers that be” had to see a garter (like a band) either around my ankle or my thigh. I chose to wear a hot pink garter on my thigh. One of the times that the ‘powers that be” had to.. Read More

My Dream Of Writing A book

As many of you know, I dream every night; however, there are times when I deem my blog posts too private to share, and you don’t see them.  You know that they have to be very personal if I do not share them, because I have shared someone of the most intimate details of my life. This has been the case for a couple of my dreams over Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday morning, I woke.. Read More

Sexy Man With The Deep Voice Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael to removing blocks to raising my wealth, success and love frequencies and I also called in Saint Anne. Saint Anne has a prayer that goes something like this “Saint Anne Saint Anne find me a man as fast as you can”. I also let her know that he had to be a soul mate and not just any man. I dreamed of two parades… Read More

My Healing Dream With Archangel Raphael

Last night, I called in Archangel Raphael and my angel of sleeping and dreaming to heal and cleanse me in all areas of my life-health and wellbeing, financially and in the love department. Before I tell you my dream,  I must tell you that I have lived in a beautiful condo here in the beautiful Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Florida for 13 years. I feel incredible blessed to be living in a resort where.. Read More

Goodbye Old Self Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with the Dream Spirit Of The Light, God and The Wonderer (my blessed Turkey Feather with the spirit of an Indian). I asked for insight into writing my book, the continuing of raising for core vibration and raising my wealth frequencies. I had this dream in which I am in an office printing a lot of copies of something for this guy. I had to stop, because I.. Read More

My Dream Of Being Spyed On

I programmed my dreams last night for raising my wealth frequency and for getting clear on the book I am writing with my blessed Turkey Feather, which I named The Cloud. There is the spirit of a horse in this feather (my spirit animal). Cloud sits on my prosperity alter. This Turkey Feather was given to me and blessed by Denise Linn at the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona in June. I.. Read More

Cell Phone Tidbits Of My Dreams

I remembered a small but very important tidbit of my dreams when I woke up Thursday morning very excited to see what 2017 brings me. I programmed my dreams with my sleeping and dreaming angel and the angel of prosperity.  In my dream, I was passing out bottles of wine in their gift carrier packages with 2017 on them.  Yes, I am going to have a lot to celebrate. Last night, I programmed.. Read More

WOOHOO! Your Lover Is Thinking About You!

  I am so excited to announce that my ebook HOW TO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE IS THINKING OF YOU is now available on kindle for only $2.99 through the holidays. This book will blow your mind when you realize that the answers to what he or she is feeling about you is within you now. YES YOU ARE PSYCHIC! Once you learn how to tap into their hidden thoughts and feelings, your love.. Read More

My Beautiful Soul Healing Dream Last Night

As my blog followers  know, I am a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and Dream Coach. As a night healer through my dreams. I am working on transforming myself through my dreams and my night healing adventures. I find programming my dreams and becoming my own night healer to be one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used in regards to healing my past and my unwanted negative core beliefs. For.. Read More

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