The Shocking News About Doreen Virtue

I have been a professional psychic medium  for over 30 years, and I began incorporating Oracle Cards into my readings a few years ago. I am also a Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner and a Usui Reiki Master. I  am deeply offended by Doreen Virtue’s article denouncing every new age and spiritual. I believe deeply within my soul that God gave me my psychic gifts and encouraged me to be a Usui Reiki Master.. Read More

Barbara Walters Bumped Into Me Dream

  MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear Goddess Lakshmi,  Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Please work with me in my dreams tonight  in helping me to lucid dream, so that I can take action in my dreams to shift into a wealthy mindset and wealthy thoughts, so that I can come from a place of abundance and receive and accept  great spiritual and material wealth in the most amazing and surprising ways.. Read More

Love Notes From A Secret Soul Admirer Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING Last night, I programmed my dreams  with my dream guides (God,  Archangels Raphael and Michael)  for some healing on some health issues. I also asked them to work with me in doing soul retrieval, so that I can put  the pieces of my soul back together that I lost in childhood from feeling abandoned, rejected and unworthy of love and prosperity. This is so that I can meet and connect with.. Read More

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