The Ah Ha Moment From My Dreams Last Night

Quite simply,  When I programmed my dreams last night, I asked God to help me receive any important messages that is for my soul’s highest and best good. MY DREAM JOURNEY LAST NIGHT Here are the parts I remember about my dream. There is a man who really likes me. He is very frustrated with me, because I am never on time. He is an Uber driver. He has arrived to take me.. Read More

The Man On The Phone Dream

I love programming my dreams for specific results, and I have found that dream programming for myself produces positive results, and has helped me to transform my life in the most unexpected and surprising ways. MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER FOR LAST NIGHT Dear  Archangel Uriel and my Divine Spirit. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in showing me and guiding  into  the life of my dreams, and please help me to.. Read More

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