As a single gal out in the dating world, I have learned the ins and outs of dating through the personals. It does not matter whether the personal ad site is free or has a fee, these 23 dating tips will help you to see through anyone’s facade and help prevent you from getting cat fished or getting unnecessarily  hurt by “false advertising”.

Dating Tip #1

if they say “Friends first” in their personal ad, you can be sure that they are not emotionally available and that they are not looking for a committed relationship; either that or they are very skittish about  commitment and monogamy. You do not want to get into a “friends with benefits” type of relationship.

Dating Tip #2

If they answer your personal ad in a sexual or derogatory way, stay clear of them.

Dating Tip #3

Read their personal ad from beginning to end. If their personal ad consists only of their sexual and erotic desires, it is a sure fire bet that they are not looking for anything long lasting. Also, if in their ad you see that they are looking for singles and couples, they are into alternative dating. If your goal is for a long term committed relationship, then you will want to look elsewhere.

Dating Tip #4

Be careful if someone has in their personal ad “looking for fun”. Yes, we are all looking for “fun”, including me; however, I am looking for a special someone to have fun with.  I personally have to feel a “connection” to someone (on and off the internet) in order to get intimate with someone, and that connection goes beyond a sexual or emotional. There is no “perfect timing” for when two people should get intimate. When it’s right, it’s right.

Dating Tip #5

FOR WOMEN -Once they answer your personal ad, and they seem interesting to you, ask for their cell phone number right away. Before cell phones existed, getting a phone number was a lot easier. Don’t just accept an office phone number. They will either give you their cell phone or their home number. Cell phones are a little tricky, because some people don’t have home phones – just cell phone. If they say, no give me your number, they are probably married or already involved. If they call you from a phone booth, that is a dead giveaway they are already taken. It has happened to me.

Dating Tip #6

Do not waste your precious time emailing, texting or facebook messaging back and forth for a long period of time. Ask for their number, and YOU call him or her right away. Make arrangements to meet within a few days. If he or she doesn’t want to stop emailing, texting or iming, that is a sure fire sign that they are hiding something.

Dating Tip #7

Insist on a picture. If you are willing to show them yours, they should be willing to show theirs. They might have something to hide and they could be even lying about their age. Ask them point blank how old they are, especially if things don’t add up.

Dating Tip #8

If you find someone interesting through the personals, and they are local, meet them during the day at a coffee shop.

Dating Tip #9

If you get there on time and they have ALREADY ORDERED before you, they have very little class and their manners are attrocious. Yes, believe it or not, it has happened to me.

Dating Tip #10

If the waiter or waitress asks for your order, and HE ORDERS FIRST, he has no consideration or respect for women, and he is self absorbed.

Dating Tip #11

If HE asks you to pay for your coffee, oy vey! He’s cheap.

Dating Tip #12

If you are arranging for your first meeting, do not let them come to your house under any circumstances, and do not get into their car. Do not tell them where you live under any circumstances.

Dating Tip #13

If after talking to them on the phone or through email or Instant Message, you feel they aren’t right for you, tell them straight out. Don’t play games. If they have an unusually strange or upset reaction and lash out at you verbally, YOU KNOW YOU’VE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. Do not be pursuaded to meet anyway.

Dating Tip #14

If you get to a first date with them AFTER YOUR INITIAL MEETING, and you feel comfortable enough to allow them to pick you up at their house great. A sure fire sign that you picked a loser is when they drop you off and don’t walk you to the door. And then they call you again for a date. They don’t know how to treat a woman.

Dating Tip #15

They talk very bad about their ex and they let you know they HATE their ex. Are they going to talk bad about YOU next?

Dating Tip #16

If they are too ooohy goooy over the top when they answer your personal ad, that is a for sure red flag. These are the ones that write these very long drawn out drippy emails about how beautiful you are and the sun shines and sets on your lips, etc. etc. Be careful. These people are not on these dating sites for love. They are scammers.

Dating Tip #17

ALWAYS ALWAYS  make sure they are the real age they say they are. Some men and women fib by a couple of years to put them in the catagory of the age range of who they want to date, but I recently had a men fib by 10 years. That is so wrong.

Dating Tip #18

If someone has a picture of themselves with a crowd of others or if their picture has another man or woman in it, you have to wonder about his/her laziness to crop the picture. What nerve to post a picture of your ex and you.

Dating Tip #19

If they say they are separated, that is a red flag, because those words can be very tricky. Find out if they are physically separated from their ex or if they are still living in the same house. Afterall, you do not want to be THAT rebound relationship.

Dating Tip #20

How someone introduces themselves to me through a personal ad is very important. If they say “Hey Baby. You’re hot” or something similar to that or simply “HI”, you can be sure I won’t answer their personal ad. If I answer someone’s personal ad, I personalize it.  I let him know about something he wrote in his personal ad that I felt connected to.

Dating Tip #21

A sure fire sign that you picked a loser is when they drop you off and don’t walk you to the door. Another sure fire sign is if they don’t open the car door for you. They don’t know how to treat a woman.

Dating TIp #22

If you are interested in someone who lives in another state or another country, to avoid being cat fished, ask to Video Chat. If he or she refuses with lots of excuses, end your long distance on line romance right away.

Dating Tips #23

Be honest. Don’t hide your age or use fake or old pictures of your self. You do not want to be accused of cat fishing someone.

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