As you know, my friend Amy and I came up with the idea to be night dream partners several nights ago. Last night was our 3rd duel night healing dream journey. We are each on a mission to create our soul mate/twin flame, and the perfect time to heal and remove obstacles within us is while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury goes direct on September 22nd. Last night, we each programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother bringing in Angus Mac Og, a Celtic God who encourages romantic dreams and helps us to bring in our soul mate and Morphius, Lord of Dreams, who helps us to communicate and connect with with  soul mates.

I remember that I dreamed a very long dream; however, when I woke up about 1:30am to journal it, I only remembered a small portion of it. Apparently, however,  that was the most important and significant part of the dream. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom, and the window was wide open. I could see out the window so clearly, and I could see that it was a bright, pretty and sunny day. There were no curtains or blinds on the window, and the sun was shining brightly into my bedroom. A woman walked past my window, but then came back and stayed outside the window.  I am pretty sure the woman was Amy.  This dream showed me that I  am allowing the light within me to shine, and that I am opening up my world.  I am getting closer to share my space with a soul mate/twin flame. I know this dream was meant for Amy too. 

Amy had about 7 or 8 dreams, and some of them were just meant for her. There were two powerful dreams that were meant for both of us, and she received a message and a picture for me sent from Abraham – perfectly shaped leaves- the wheel of life and the wheel of fortune.


In another part of Amy’s dream, we were both rising up like Venus on the half shell-the birth of Venus. We are most definitely in the stage of rebirth and giving birth to all that represents Venus. Venus was the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.  Our hearts are definitely opening.


With all our busy dreams, neither one had enough sleep. We have decided anyway to be dream partners yet another night. Tonight, we will program our dreams with Morpheus, Angus Mac Og and Venus. This time, however, we will ask that each one of us falls into a deep uninterrupted sleep during our dreaming adventures. Stay tuned…..