I programmed my dreams last night with Archangel Chamuel (for guidance in love and relationships) and Archangel Raphael (for healing). I  asked my chosen dream guides to work with me while I am sleeping & dreaming and while I am awake in making a paradigm shift from the core belief that I don’t deserve love to  the core belief that I am worthy and  deserving of amazing love.


I am in a house with a guy, and we are looking through some private papers, and then we hear the door open. We throw down the papers onto the coffee table, because we should not be looking at them. They seem private. There is a giant stain on the coffee table. My parents or someone’s parents walk in, and this small grey fluffy dog comes running to me. I kneel down and pet the friendly cute little fluffy dog. The dog is followed by a black cat who immediately runs into my bedroom. I run into the bedroom, and I shoo the black cat out. Just then, this intense buzzing energy started flowing through my body, and it brought me out of this dream. It woke me up, and it felt like electricity charging through my body. It stopped after awhile.


At first I was thinking “What the hell”, but then I realized that I had asked Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael for the paradigm shift and healing.  The black cat represented to me my negative core beliefs of not being worthy or deserving of love, and I chased them away. The small grey dog represents some sadness and confusion with someone that I deeply care about. The private papers, well they are private; and I know what they represent. 

 I also am pretty clear that my dear friend and hairdresser, Jules, was doing some healing energy on me like she has done before in the middle of the night when she knows I need it.   She has since told me that she cleared and cleansed the data of  my karmic cellular memory turning it into grace.


I am grateful to Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Raphael and to Jules for the work they did on me last night even though I am very tired today. I will continue to do the work in my dreams in making that paradigm shift into feeling worth and deserving of amazing love.

Tonight I will take a break and ask the Angels to hold me in comfort to help me sleep deep.