By now, you have realized that I dream quite vividly every night. I purposely program my dreams for insight and enlightenment. My dreams are like a puzzle being unraveled. Once again, I called on Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to work on my prosperity beliefs. I dreamed that I was with a group of people; perhaps we worked together. For some reason, I was dared to take my clothes off. Since in real life I live in a clothing optional resort, I had no problem with it. I was the only one naked. I did feel very vulnerable and very open.

In the second part of my dream, I was in an office building in what felt like the lobby. This lobby was very modern, and I got the feeling that if I yelled I would hear my echo. I saw a lamp with an eye on it. I liked the lamp, but at the same time I wanted to hide it. I searched for a hiding place for it. I was looking around the elevators. I remember telling people I didn’t like the lamp with the eye on it, but I actually did.

My realization is that I might be a little afraid of the light within me, but that it is time to embrace my inner light and stop hiding it. The eyes are the mirror to the soul, and just maybe I do not want to be seen.  When I was discovering my psychic abilities, I was excited by my gifts, but a little afraid at the same time. I would walk down the street and without notice or warning go into a trance like fog and start getting psychic messages. The only way that I felt like I had control over it was when I began doing automatic writing.  What if I let all that power out! WOW!