I have to share these dreams last night. They were a little freaky, and I am still a little shaky from them. Once I feel more together,  I will coach myself through the dreams.

I programmed my dream for issues about prosperity, but instead I had some very strong psychic dreams. Since last night, I had a psychic and very enlightening dream, I feel it is a continuation of that dream. Ahhh, the puzzle is being unraveled. Click here for that dream.

The first dream about my psychic abilities had to do with two very famous psychics who invited me onto their very long and narrow bus.  The bus was standing still, so I am in a holding pattern. They wanted some dirt on me. Maybe I was competition for them-who knows… They asked me questions about alcohol intake, etc. I so rarely drink that I was insulted by their comments. I was very emotionally upset with them. The two psychics are two sides of myself. My feeling about the interaction with the two psychics  is left over from the dream the night before with the eye and the lamp. I am definitely opening up and leaving myself vulnerable and exposed, and perhaps I am preparing myself to be more wellknown as a psychic and dream coach by dreaming about famous psychics. Whenever I dream about famous people, my business picks up. By the way, I had no clue who they were-just that they were famous.

Then I woke up, journaled that dream, and then went back to bed at 4:45 am. I began dreaming again, and I was in the kitchen looking out the window for somebody to come to come to my house, and all of a sudden the blinds shot up and the table was magically across the kitchen. Wow! This tells me that I am really opening up. Then I went to get my comb out of the drawer, and it was bent in half. I showed it to someone, and they said that’s what you get for messing with psychic energy. I didn’t realize how powerful I was until this dream. I have always tried to contain my psychic abilities by using automatic writing. I have always been afraid of losing control, so I have a fear of the true potential of my psychic abilities. When I first started realizing I could tell the future and read people, I would go into trances without notice and get psychic messages.  By doing automatic writing, I discovered that I had my psychic abilities under control. I have always been clairvoyant. Maybe it is time to accept my psychic abilities and not be afraid of them.

I was then in the kitchen with my mother (RIP). She even brought a friend along with her into my dream. This woman she brought with her was 6’3″ tall. I asked my mother if she wanted to hear about my dream? She said no. Adding 6 and 3 together = 9.  It is the number for completion and new beginnings. I know from the very depths of my soul that my purpose and soul mission in this lifetime is to help people by using my psychic abilities to help them see their future. My expertise is in reading someone’s emotions and feelings for another, and now also to guide them through their dreams into the life that they desire.

Suddenly out of the blue I was dreaming of my brother.. We’re not close at all in real life.  We recently had a bit of a falling out about money. Ahhh there we go. A little bit about prosperity in this dream. In the dream, we were standing shoulder to shoulder (close). He was so proud of some kind of achievement or award or something or certificate. I looked and saw my name on it. I said “How come my names is on it too? He said “Oh, come on.don’t you want to have fun?” Then suddenly I woke up , opened my eyes, felt a touch of dizziness and then couldn’t move for about three seconds. I do believe I was experiencing a bit of sleep paralysis.  

I am a bit tired today. I may not program my dreams tonight OR I might program my dreams for manifesting a new soul mate relationship. It is definitely time for love. Stay tuned….