I feel like I have found my niche as a dream coach. I am starting my 4 week dream study group, a requirement, for my Gateway Dream Coach Certification this coming Saturday, August 27th.  I have always felt that being a psychic and guiding people through the highs and lows of their life (especially their love life) is my purpose in life. Now, becoming a certified dream coach just adds another powerful dimension to what I do.

I have been having very intense dreams almost everyday for at least two months. It is now appearing to me that I have my most intense and powerful dreams very early in the morning (approximately  from 4 or 5am). This is the time that I am most likely to astral travel like I did the morning before.  

Last night I asked Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to be gentle on me and to help me feel rested when I wake up in the morning. I was exhausted yesterday after all my astral traveling I did the night and the morning before.  I am a little more rested then I was yesterday, but still not 100 percent like I would like to be. I also asked to help me work on bringing in a soul mate.  I did have a full on dream last night, but I woke at 2:45am with only the memory of pink roses- a sure sign of love for me. I recorded the pink roses in my journal, and then went back to bed. 

Once again, I had a dream in which I was redecorating my  second bedroom (my office) with tons of crystals. I had the first dream on 8/18- MY AMAZING NIGHT HEALING DREAM. Click here to read about my friend and hairdresser coming into my home while I was sleeping and dreaming to reorganize and heal my office. This time I was in my office with someone (not sure who it was), and she was helping me redecorate my office. I was finding tons of crystals (like the last time).  I have received the message loud and clear. It is time to reorganize my office. I will be buying more crystals as well.

Yesterday, one of my girlfriends went on a very long date with someone she had never met before. I was worried about her, because she did not answer my texts to let me know she was safe. This morning, approximately an hour before she actually called me to let me know she was ok and driving home, he called me in my dream state with a very deep voice and said “Don’t worry. I didn’t hurt her”.  I asked her on the phone if he had a deep voice, and she said yes. She couldn’t believe what I told her about the call in my dream state. She said he told her that he was going to tell me those same words.