First I want to tell you that I love cats; and if I could, I would have a cat (or even maybe more than one). From the time I was young, I had a severe allergy to cats. It all started when I would go to the neighbor down the street’s house for comfort. Noone lived there except for dozens of cats in the yard. I felt very much alone, and there was a feeling inside of me that I didn’t feel loved (even though I was). My mother (RIP) was very dominating, and sometimes to get away from home  I would go to the Cat House.  One day, after being at the Cat House, I came home with my eye swollen shut. After that, I could not even enter a house that had a cat in it.

Fast forward to Summer 2003. I went to a tantra healer by the name of Dawn Cartwright. She is  now located in Santa Monica, California. I actually went to her for guidance in finding my G Spot (lol I know where it is now). We never actually dealt with my G spot that day. Since life is full of unexpected surprises, she took me on a guided meditation in which I became a cat during the meditation. In doing so, we discovered some deep sexual issues related to my mother. Once these issues came to light, I delt with them during that session. It was a very powerful healing meditation. 

After the workshop, my cat allergy subsided dramatically. I am now able to be in places where there are cats, and I have even stayed up to 2 nights in places where there are cats. If I pet a cat, I just wash my hands.  No problem. I will forever be grateful to Dawn Cartwright. Someday, I  will attend one of her workshops. It’s on my bucket list.