Last night, my best friend, Donna, and I decided to become night healers for eachother in our dreams, so that each of us can remove blocks to being in a relationship with the  future soul mates of our dreams. She has been attending my online dream  study group calls, so she is getting pretty fascinated by dreams. I sent her healing energy to remove blockages to being in a relationship, and I asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel to assist, and I asked them to send her and help her remember the messages they send her. I also asked Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel to work with me as well for the same reason.  

I had two parts to my dreams. I can tell which part was from her healing energy sent and which part was from me. In the dream in which the healing energy I know was most likely sent from Donna, I went to a meeting for promoting products. The girl next to me said I was mean, because I didn’t take advantage of purchasing electromagnetics from some friend of hers years ago.  (No Donna does not think I am mean). I told her that I didn’t remember dealing with her friend or anything about electromagnetics. I believe that I suddenly had them in my purse. I got very emotional and very upset by what she said; so because I was sitting in the back row,  I got up and left the meeting.  A gentleman who also left the meeting offered to walk me to my car. We walked around the corner, and there was my hot pink car. Yes, for real, I own and drive a hot pink car. There were suddenly 3 guys, and non of them wanted to hear about my upsetting conversation with the girl in the meeting and my lack of electromagnetics. Two of them stood by me, and the gentleman who walked me to my car, walked away.

Not being entirely sure what electromagnetics were, I looked them up when I awakened from my dreams. Energy is electromagnetism. Yin and Yang is the electric and magnetic force within ourselves. I realize now that I have not been in harmony or in sychronicity with what I am seeking in my love life. Hearing that woman speak to me the way she did  in my dream made me very upset and very emotional. Even though as a love psychic I have helped so many clients through their highs and lows of love  for over 30 years, I have not had much success in love for myself. I know that I have to be divinely in line with my desires.

Sitting in the back row made me realize that I have not stepped up to the plate or allowed myself to be in a divinely aligned love relationship. Having the electromagnetics in my purse made me realize that I could have been aligned with my desires at anytime.  The girl saying I was mean made me think about my childhood and how I was made fun of and bullied. Children can be mean, but they can change and become loving people as adults. I know. I have proof of that.  It certainly effected my self worth going into adulthood, and my belief  that I didn’t deserve a healthy relationship also goes back to childhood. Then there was the guy walking me to my car and then there were 3 guys altogether. None of them wanting to hear that I was not in synchronicity with my desires for a relationship. Wow what a powerful and enlightening dream!

The second part of my dream was also quite enlightening. I was in someone else’s home here at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort where I live. The couple that lived in the home also had a pink rug, and pink blankets over their coaches like I do.  I absolutely love the mural that was painted on my wall 12 years ago by a friend in my community. In the dream, I was wanting to erase the mural and repaint it with beautiful bright vibrant colors-like pink and yellow. I had a small round object to erase it with. Our homes are our mindsets and the way we think. Through my dream, I can see that my mindset is becoming more emotionally alive and more emotionally available.I am feeling more vibrant and open.   I am changing the way I think and feel on the inside. The old beliefs and the “old stuff” no longer fit with my mindset.

Now is the perfect time to release “old stuff” that is not aligning with our love goals, since Mercury is in Retrograde until September 22. When Mercury goes out of Retrograde,  that will be the time to start a new relationship. In the meantime, I will be continuing to work on myself through my dreams to release old beliefs and “stuff” that doesn’t align with me anymore. In that way, I will be available,  ready for the soul mate of my dreams.

I had a very brief conversation with Donna  this morning while she was on her way out the door. We will talk later. Unfortunately, she was awakened from her dream by a phone call in the middle of the night and lost her dream. She confirmed, like I suspected, that the electromagnetic dream was most likely sent by her. She used to wear a lot of  healing bracelets especially for balancing her yin yang, etc, but has gotten away from them. I believe that part of this dream was not only meant for me, but for her as well  to remind her that perhaps her yin yang energy flow needs to be back in synchronicity as well. Awesome- a duel purpose dream.