I just love the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods & Goddesses. I choose to meditate with some of them to improve my love, sex and romantic life, and so I want to help you to uncover your true love and sexual essence through God & Goddess affirmations. I have chosen 10 very powerful Gods & Goddesses to help enhance your love, sex and romantic life through affirmations. Choose the mythical god or goddess that YOU would like to invoke within you, and then repeat the affirmation you choose 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again out loud EVERYDAY for 21 days straight. Do not skip a day. It takes 21 days to change a pattern or belief about yourself.

Combining these affirmations with a God or Goddess attunement or healing will enhance your affirmation and the energy of the particular goddess you are wanting to invoke and experience. I sell reiki healings on my website. Click here to check out the many different God & Goddess Attunements that I have for sale.


ANTEROS – God of requited love

Anteros, the God of requited love, is divinely working through me now in creating perfect mutual requited love between ___ and me.


EROS  – Greek God of Romantic and Erotic Love  

Eros is flowing and vibrating through me now divinely guiding me to my forever soul mate relationship.


GODDESS APHRODITE – Goddess of Love and Beauty

I am feeling the magnificent beautiful sensual essence of the Goddess Aphrodite within me  I am loved, wanted and desired.

GODDESS SEKHMET  – Goddess of Sexual Magic and Mysticism

The wild uninhibited energy of Goddess Sekhmet is divinely flowing through me now invoking her sexual magic and mysticism within me (or between ___ and me).

GODDESS ISOLT Goddess of Dreamy romance, new love, passion

Goddess Isolt is divinely activated within me now in creating the perfect, romantic and dreamy  relationship for me (or between ___ and me).

GODDESS AINE – Celtic Fairy Queen, Love Goddess, love spells, fertility, fair abundance, prosperity, revealing faeries, leaving unsuitable mates and more.

The loving energy of Goddess Aine is working through me now in divinely healing the relationship between ____ and me. The healing energy of Goddess Aine is flowing through me now in creating fairy magic in my love life.


GODDESS HEDONE – Goddess of sexual pleasure, enjoyment and delight

Goddess Hedone is erotically flowing through me now in creating greater sexual pleasure, enjoyment and delight between ___ and me.

The sensual energy of Goddess Hedone is flowing through me now in making me irrisistible to the opposite sex.


GODDESS ISOLT – Goddess Of Devoted Love & Sexual Expression

Goddess Isolt expressing through me now is creating greater devoted loving moments between ____ and me.

Greater sexual expression and ecstacy is working through me now in creating greater love, passion, joy and intimacy between ____ and me.


GODDESS OSHUN- Sensuality, prosperity, fertility and more. She is also a money goddess.

Goddess Oshun is dancing within me and divinely helping me to embrace my sensual and sexual self.


GODDESS RATI -Hindu Goddess of love, passion, sexualit,y and pleasure

My body is perfect. beautiful, ripe and full of womanly essense, and I completely surrender to my passion and wild uninhibited ecstacy.



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