EVERYONE is sexy. You just have to believe that you are.


Repeat one of the following affirmations for creating a sexy personality out loud over and over again at least 1/2 to 1 hour a day EVERYDAY for 21 days (DO NOT SKIP A DAY), and you will have developed a very  sexy personality.

 I am too sexy for my lips.

I am too sexy for my hips.

I am too sexy for my breasts.

I am too sexy for my hair

I am a sexy diva

I’m hot

I am the sexiest man/woman on the planet.

OOOH LA LA I am so sexy. 

I am sexy beyond belief.

Try putting it all together and  singing it.  A good place to repeat these affirmations is in the car, the shower, getting dressed, jogging, you name it.

If you prefer, look at yourself in the mirror for about 15 minutes EVERYDAY. Connect with your eyes and keep repeating one of the affirmations.