First, I will tell you about the first part of my dream. I asked Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to help me heal  a decision I made while I was married. I remember the exact moment I said to myself out of frustration that I will keep myself alone and do everything on my own. I was with a group of people. We were given gifts, and the gifts were glitter, sequence and sparkles, and we could do anything we wanted to with them. I was running around with the glitter, sequence and sparkles as if I was spreading it throughout the universe. I woke up, recorded the dream and then I went back to sleep at 4:45am.

 I dreamed  that my hairdresser, Jules, (who is also a healer and studying to be a hynotherapist) came into my bedroom, woke me up and then took me into my second bedroom (my office) and started helping me to reorganize it. We found some healing crystals and some interesting rock formations and built an alter. She had a backpack on and was using essential oils to send the room and me healing energy. It was amazing, and I had to force myself to wake up and get out of bed; otherwise, I would have not gotten up for an appointment I had.

I texted her, and she said she was making a point to use her healing energy more and integrating it more in her life. She is a night person and goes to bed around 4am. She said  that when she sent me the healing energy she didn’t realize that she would enter my dreams. Jules is a powerfful night healer and dream healer.  without realizing it.  She is going to make an awesome hypnotherapist-no doubt about it. I am going to start sending healing energy to people before I go to sleep.

Thank you God and my dear friend and hairdresser, Jules!