This wonderful gentleman, Nik, wrote me a beautiful authentic letter (which I have added below) a couple of days ago in response to reading the nudist pages on my Pink Chick Psychic website called My Nudist Life. I don’t mind saying that he made my day. Thank you Nik.  I am seriously considering separating my nudist pages from my Pink Chick Psychic site, so that I can have nudity on them. The site would be on wordpress, so it would have to be marked “For Mature Audiences Only”; something for me to ponder. Click here to check out my other nudist pages in my blog

Hi Linda

I’m the male half of a UK nudist couple from Sussex on the south coast of  England. My partner, Marilyn, is currently away working in the US, not sunny and warm Florida, she’s in New York. I love reading blogs and websites belonging to other nudists, reading about their naked experiences, ideas and suggestions for others who share this wonderful lifestyle etc. I’d seen yours a while ago and have just re-visited it to read more of your posts. I was principally interested in the nudist material but found some of the dream material interesting too. I rarely remember my night time dreams but have a long term day dream about living somewhere like where you are that we can live free and naked full time. I like reading posts from people like you  who can and do live the nudist way full time. Especially on a cold and predominantly grey day here, one that offers little for outdoor nudism, so I’m getting my fix of social nudity from communicating with others in our lifestyle. Fix might not be the best word to use but we do love social nudism. We live naked at home year round, but being naked with friends and family or at a club or beach with friends and strangers is how we prefer life. Not doing that much in winter sometimes makes us realise even more fully why we love nudism so much. I for one can’t be naked too much.

Your description of social nudity and why you like it sums up my love of it well. There is no better way to meet both old and new friends than when we’re naked, just as our natural selves, without any of the confusing camouflage that clothing can attach to us. As your nudist Q & A covers in the section about how the lifestyle can change things, I’m certainly more relaxed and comfortable when I’m naked, nudist friends say they feel the same. Whether it is a few nudist friends meeting at one of their homes or socialising with many more naked people in a nightclub setting as you touch on, its all good. You’re so right, the textile world really doesn’t have a clue how much more fun so many things can be in the nudist part of society.

I definitely agree with the following, I most certainly do FEEL the passion for nudism

“Without clothes, the facades are gone and everyone is the same. I have come to the conclusion that you either have a passion for the nudist way of life or you don’t. It is as simple as that.  You have to FEEL it, and you cannot make someone love it if they don’t FEEL IT.”

You come across in such an open and upfront way about being a nudist, doing so is a sign to me that this is someone who is genuinely into the nudist lifestyle. True nudists are well known for being open and honest in ways that it are not so commonly encountered in similar textile situations. Its one of the things that we love about nudism the most. Through have no ‘facade’ as nudists we hide nothing physically from each other, it seems to follow that nudists hide far less mentally too, it really is wonderful to mix with people who are so much more open in many ways.

I was interested to read about your take on the ‘nude’ and ‘naked’ words. I like both, especially when they apply to my state of undress! After considering your points I agree with ‘naked’ being the better descriptor of how I like to live, ‘naked’ seems to describe the sense of freedom I derive from nudity better.

Please read this paragraph as a comment only. I’m aware that ‘nudist’ tends to cover club and resort going members of our lifestyle in the USA, more so than it does in Europe. Nudist, naturist, naktivist are all fairly interchangeable words here. I was introduced to nudism by a friend from a ‘nudist’ family as a teenager, Marilyn grew up in a ‘nudist’ family. ‘Nudist‘ was used in by both families to describe themselves. Both of us enjoy nudist clubs, resorts and holidays/vacations are definitely nudist ones, however we are more frequently naked outside at a local beach. Its nearer than any nudist club and completely natural, we love being naked in natural places, but we still call ourselves ‘nudists‘ when we’re there. Though some friends from there call themselves ‘naturists‘, others are nudists, others just get naked. Whichever it is, its a wonderful way of life.

I’ve had a few attempts at writing a nudist blog. I want to offer something back to those who already share their nudist lives online like you do, as well as hopefully encouraging newcomers to try nudism. I’m quite open about being a nudist, however Marilyn has potential employment issues to deal with if her nudism was discovered by the wrong people, sadly. I’d be much more upfront about being a nudist if this wasn’t a major factor to consider. I’d like to add my voice to people like you who do a great service in promoting nudism. I like how you’re open about things like the nudist and swinger worlds over-lapping. We’re not swingers either but we have no issues with others who are, we count some swingers as good friends who we just enjoy being naked with, no more. I’d like to stand up for individuals rights to be themselves, naturally naked, clothed, full-on swingers and so on, however I want to keep a balance and not inadvertently ‘out’ Marilyn as a nudist. I’ve also found work and other commitments leaving little time to update the blog regularly. I could just hit the keyboard with random thoughts about nudism, but I’d prefer to think through an article more fully. It was easier finding time to blog naked in the depths of winter too!

I’ll look forward to reading more on your site, nudist and other material.

Take care and have fun, naked as much as you choose.