As you know by know, I am in the process of becoming certified as a Gateway Dream Coach. I love programming my dreams and asking the Archangels for assistance. If you have been reading my blog,  I am quite fascinated by the  powerful healing energy of  the Archangels, and this blog post is how I personally connect to and feel the Archangels around me.  I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong way to ask the Archangels for guidance and help as long as we have the right and clear intentions.  I love activating  some of the Archangels for healing and guiding me in my dreams; and as you can see from my blog posts, they have been sending me very powerful and healing messages almost every night in my dreams. About 3 or 4 months ago, I bought a bracelet infused with Archangel Michael’s healing energy, and I actually feel him around me almost like a person thinking about me.  

Each one of us has a Guardian Angel, our personal angel, and they are given to us by the powers that be. They stand by waiting for us to call upon them, and they only serve who they are given to; whereas the Archangels watch over our angels and help anyone who asks for their help.  The Archangels will even assist our guardian angels in helping us.  If we ask them for help, they will support and guide us. Archangels are powerful extensions of God. Here are my favorite Archangels that I have personally activated in my dreams. Sometimes I call in more then one archangel to work with me at a time, and I always include God and my fairies to assist; however, Archangel Michael is the main one that I work with. They are listed below in alphabetical order and certainly not in the order of significance.

Archangel Ariel – Archangel Ariel is the Archangel overseeing nature and the natural world. She acts as a liason between humanity and the elementals-fairies, gnomes, elves, sprites, animals, crystals, minerals, air, and the Divine magic of the earth. I have called called upon her for manifesting and overseeing prosperity. I have called upon her as well for guidance in helping me in my business and increasing my wealth. 

Archangel Chamuel – He is a very powerful healer and leader in the angelic world. I have called upon Archangel Chamuel for  guidance in finding a soul mate, and he can also be called upon to help  open up the doors and windows of prosperity and money from expected and unexpected sources. I have called upon him outside of my dreams when traveling to keep me safe. He can also help with finding lost items including money. I have called upon him in my dreams to help clear up what is blocking the flow of prosperity within me and for guidance in building my career and having more success, and I have received some very powerful messages and healing. 

Archangel Michael-  Means”He who is like God” He is the leader of all the other Archangels; and because I feel his energy within me, he is the one I always ask for guidance even if I call other Archangels into my dreams as well. He is the one that I call into my dreams no matter what. He provides guidance, protection, courage, power and strength for me.  He has reminded me in my dreams at least 3 times in the past month that my office space needs clearing, and he has literally brought in people while in my dreams to start the process. He inspired me in real life, and I have now  begun the process of reorganizing my office.  He is helping me to make some very strong spiritual and life changes.

Archangel Raphael – He is a powerful healer of  our mind, body and soul, and I have worked with Archangel Raphael on health matters a number of times. He also helps animals as well.  He is the perfect Archangel to do dream work with in matters of our health. He helps our hearts heal from emotional wounds if we ask him for help, and he helps us open up to present and future love. If we are in need of more love, joy and laughter, Archangel Raphael is the one to work with.


Some of the other Archangels that I have not called into my dreams as of yet are: 

Uriel-Call upon Uriel for information, ideas, insights and ah ha moments. Since I am in the process of writing my book, I will be calling him into my dreams for assistance in writing my book.

Metratron- Motivates us to create positive changes in our lives and situations. If we want to tap into past lifetimes, he will assist us in tapping into skills, gifts and talents from those past lifetimes.

Jeremiel-Helps us  in solving problems. If we are open, willing and ready for  transforming the patterns in our lives, Jeremiel will love to work us. He helps us and answers questions for those of us who seeks knowledge from God.

Azrael- Angel Of Transformation and death. He  guides souls to Heaven and into the light after their crossing. 

Jophiel – Angel Of Beauty inside and out and also the beauty that surrounds us.

Zadkiel – A powerful Archangel of the Violet Ray who brings blessings of the Divine into your life.

Raziel – Archangel of Divine Magic. We can call upon him to help us manifest prosperity and to understand the mysteries of the universe and divinely alligning us with opportunities and for income generating ideas.

Raguel – Helps with bringing harmony for us with money and people.

Sadalphon – Works with our prayers and helps carry them to God. If you have musical pursuits and aspirations, this Archangel is perfect to work with.

Haniel – Assists in healing emotional wounds which could be blocking abundance.