According to the Dictionary, a free spirit is one who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; a nonconformist. Unlike what many people think, free spirits lead very responsible lives. I know I do.

A Free Spirit is someone who acts on there own feelings and
intuition and doesn’t let outside sources influence there

A Free Spirit is blessed with God’s gifts of creativity and
uniqueness. In my case, I am blessed with psychic abilities.

A Free Spirits is “SPECIAL” and chosen by God to truly make
a difference in the world. I have known since I was in my early 20’s that I make a huge difference and touch people’s lives just by walking into a room and no matter where I go.

Free Spirits are most definitely very creative. They desire or
possess careers as artists, dancers, singers, musicians,
magicians, etc. In my case, I am a psychic.

Many Free Spirits have a passion for adventure and danger. I can leave out the danger part, but adventure is very very good.

Some Free Spirits have a unique way of dressing and other Free Spirits have unique beliefs about life, politics, etc. Yup that’s me, I have wall to wall hot pink carpet, and I drive a custom painted hot pink Toyota Carolla. I ALWAYS wear pink, and I ALWAYS wear pink flowers in my hair.


Many people call me a free spirit, because of the fact that I
live in a Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, I am a psychic and a Reiki
Master. I also wear pink everyday. If I am not wearing clothes, because after all I am a nudist, I am adorned in something pink at all times. The free spirit in me loves being a nudist.  I have wall to wall hot pink carpet in my home. I am proud to be “not of the norm”, a free spirit, as one might call it. Who wants to be like everyone else anyway. NOT ME!

Growing up, looking back, I felt like a lost soul, and I wasn’t
sure where I belonged. I became a secretary, because that is
what my mother wanted me to be, so I took some college
courses and began getting jobs as a secretary. It wasn’t ME.
I was confused, because I didn’t actually know who ME was.
In my 30’s, I took a job with a bank and worked there for 5
years. I wore flowers in my hair and bright bright colors
everyday. I was most definitely not a “corporate looking”
secretary. In those 5 years that I worked there, I became
more and more involved in my psychic development. I am a
natural psychic, and I was fascinated (along with my
coworkers) by my psychic abilities. The more I explored my
psychic powers, the more excited I was; and the stronger my
psychic powers became. Everyone in the bank knew about my
psychic abilities and how powerfully accurate I was. I would
be typing away, and my coworkers would know when I was
getting psychic images. They said my eyes would get glazed
over. Then the whole office would stop to see what I was
picking up. At the end of those five years (1985), new management took  over, and they were not impressed by the “free spirited wild soul” within me. I eventually got laid off, which actually turned out
to be the happiest day of my life. It was then that I got to
pursue my deepest desire to be a professional psychic and to be the Free Spirit I have always wanted to be.

Many people think that Free Spirits believe in free love and free sex, and they give it away freely and easily. Yes, I know free spirited women that live their life that way, and that is great for them; however, that is not me. I must feel a “connection” to someone in order to be intimate with them. I am a monogamous free spirit. I am, however, very open minded, and I believe in live and let live. At Caliente, I enjoy the free spirit in me when I go to the night club at night and get to dress very sexy.