These affirmations are specifically for single woman looking for great sex partners? If you have attracted boring lovers or if your sex life is non existant, then here  are a list of affirmations to attract great sex partners (men or women). To attract a man into your life for great sex, you must believe in your ability to attract great sex partners, and YOU must believe that YOU are a great sex partner.  In order for them to work, it is strongly advised that repeat ONE of the affirmations of your choice listed below  1/2 – 1 hour a day over and over again out loud everyday until you see results. 

 Men want me and desire me for I am irrisistible and worth pursuing
Men want to have sex with me.  
I am a magnet for great sex partners.

My beautiful sexy body draws sexually available men to me in droves.
My lustful body draws men to me in droves.

I am eye candy .
I am sex candy.

I am a beautiful sexy soul who attracts beauty sexy souls to me of the opposite sex.
I am sexy, and I know it.

I am a great lover, and I know it.

I know how to spoil men sexually, and I know it.
I am an amazing lover.
I am an irriristible orgasmic beauty.
 I attract the most fantastic lovers into my life.
I am burning with sexual desire and men know it.
My sex life is constant and out of this world.

Divine love is working through me now in creating the best lover (or lovers) for me.