I programmed my dreams last night for raising my wealth frequency and for getting clear on the book I am writing with my blessed Turkey Feather, which I named The Cloud. There is the spirit of a horse in this feather (my spirit animal). Cloud sits on my prosperity alter. This Turkey Feather was given to me and blessed by Denise Linn at the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona in June. I woke up this morning around 6:30am with the following dream:

I was working in a job. In real life, I am self employed.  I went into the bathroom for a break. There was also a lounge in the bathroom, and I was sitting on a long white couch for quite awhile. I was looking for the  paper TV guide, but I could not find it. I had forgotten that the TV guide is now in the channels of the TV.

After I left the bathroom, a blond girl who looked to be very young (possibly in her 20’s) asked me why I was in the bathroom for so long and why I was in there. I told her that it was none of her business how long I stay in the bathroom or for that matter what I am doing in there. She told me that when she worked in another country,  there was a lot of espionage going on in the bathroom. I get the feeling that she was a spy, and she was watching me. I told my female boss about the conversation with this girl, and she shrugged it off by just saying “Oh really”. The next thing I know, there are orgasmic noises coming out of one of the offices. The boss did not seem to care. Two guys walked out of that office after they were finished having sex. Then, because it was the end of the workday (somewhere around 5pm), I left work and started walking.

For some reason, I did not have my car with me, and so I started walking down the street.  It was all foreign to me. I did not feel safe walking down the street alone, because it was starting to get dark. I have always been afraid of  the dark. I am also afraid to drive at night.

I was walking and walking not even sure how far I had to go and where I was going. I came across a man in a big truck as I was starting to cross at the light. A medium size brown dog showed up. The man in the big truck stopped, so that the dog could jump on the side panel of the truck to ride with him, and then they turned right.

I believe I was looking for my brother’s place, but I was not sure if I was in Asheville or not. I think I was looking for my mother as well. I went into a grocery store where I started to ask where I was. I decided not to ask, because it sounded wierd; and I did not even know if I was anywhere close to Asheville. As I am walking, I am thinking that I have to go to my nail place to fix my toe nail. In real life, I hurt and damaged it. I was trying to call the nail place.


The bathroom shows me that I am doing a lot of releasing of the past. The long white couch also shows that I am working on myself, and I am healing from the past. Most people do not use a paper TV guide anymore, so I know this is the past. The girl spying on me, shows my need for privacy and space. I am standing up to her protecting my privacy and space. My privacy and space is very sacred to me. In regards to the person having sex, sex between two people is sacred and beautiful. This reminds me of my mother who I strongly feel violated my sacred space. I felt like my mother was always psychically spying on me. We lived 1 1/2 hours from eachother. We did not speak all the time, but she always seemed to know when I was having sex. She would bring it up, and get upset with me. I felt like I had no privacy at all. My sex life was none of her business, but I could never tell her that.

The truck to me represents some heaviness in my past that needs to or is being released. I am afraid of dogs I do not know, so the truck in my feeling about it is protecting me from strange men.

The fact that I am lost in my dream, represents the book that I am writing right now. I am not sure whether to split the book into two books or not. I am trying to find answers in my dreams. I am looking for my brother, but I am nowhere around him. He is far away, and we are not as close as I would like to be with him.

ADDENDUM – This morning, I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking to Denise Linn about my book, and she helped to “see” what I was not seeing about my book. All is well.