I am incredible happy for Bruce Jenner. I can’t imagine what it  was like inside for him all of his 65 years-not living in his true authentic self and hiding his deep feelings of being a woman. I have NEVER experienced that feeling of being in the wrong body.  I was born a female 64 years ago, and I love being a super feminine girly girl.  I believe everyone should live their truth and express themselves in whatever way they need to be happy. It is sad that  Bruce had to fight it for so long and hurt some people along the way. I am sure he was filled with a great deal of shame and embarrassment, and that is why he hid it for so long. He kept getting married and having kids, because he was fighting it inside of himself. Now, his family, his friends and the media can understand him so much more, and now the family can have a new normal. Like he says, he is not going anywhere.

I don’t understand why there are so many haters all over the internet. I think the Kardashians and the Jenners are a wonderfully close blended family who got lucky and who are very blessed to be in the spotlight no matter how they got there.  I was touched by the conversation between Kris and Bruce. Everyone thought she was a bitch;  but in truth, she was confused by  Bruce’s behavior. He carried a lot of anger, and it disconnected them. I believe that she knew that he liked to cross dress, but I don’t think he did it around her.

I was tickled pink  to watch the Diane Sawyer special and the last two episodes of the Kardashians. I felt emotional for the whole family. What made me happy was to watch Bruce Jenner light up when he was showing his clothes and shoes to Kim. He is already a woman to me. You can see it in his mannerisms and everything.