Crumbs All Over The Floor Dream

After my dream the night before showing me that I needed to forgive my mother and myself, I programmed my dreams with the mermaids, my soul and Archangel Raphael. I asked them to work with me in my dreams to resolve and release my childhood issues with my mother and to help me forgive her while I am sleeping and dreaming and also while I am awake. DREAM SEGMENT #1 I woke up.. Read More

My No More Bullshit From Men Dream

Last night, once again, I programmed my dreams  with Cupid and Archangel Raphael to prepare me for my future soul mate by making me more spiritually, emotionally and sexually available, and for me to attract a spiritually, emotionally and sexually available man into my life. I asked them to remove blockages to connecting with a soul mate and forming a long term relationship. I woke up out of my dream state around 5:30am this morning. The.. Read More

My Drops Of Water Dream

Last night, I programmed God, my dream angels and my friend, Amy, into my dreams to work on intensifying my prayers. Programming eachother into our dreams was an experiment we decided to try last night. Upon speaking to Amy this morning, she said that I came into her dreams and gave her some gifts. Here is my dream. I dreamed that my computer/website person  was charging my $20 for something that she has.. Read More

My Amazing Precognitive Dream Last night

  I programmed my dreams last night with God, my angels and my spirit guides. I  asked them to come into my dreams to magnify my prayers for love, prosperity and enlightenment from the book, Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata,  and to help my prayers come true. In my dream, I am attending a workshop in a hotel, and the workshop is being run by a man. I am staying at the Biltmore Hotel,.. Read More

Programming Pluto and Lakshmi Into My Dreams

Last night I programmed my dreams with Pluto, God Of wealth, Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and Archangel Ariel. I don’t mind telling you that I had some very strange dreams last night. First, before I tell you my dreams, I have to tell you that my air conditioning went out yesterday, and it was not being fixed until today. I ended up  sleeping on the couch halfway through the night. Dream Scenerio 1.. Read More

Sexy Man With The Deep Voice Dream

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael to removing blocks to raising my wealth, success and love frequencies and I also called in Saint Anne. Saint Anne has a prayer that goes something like this “Saint Anne Saint Anne find me a man as fast as you can”. I also let her know that he had to be a soul mate and not just any man. I dreamed of two parades… Read More

My Healing Dream With Archangel Raphael

Last night, I called in Archangel Raphael and my angel of sleeping and dreaming to heal and cleanse me in all areas of my life-health and wellbeing, financially and in the love department. Before I tell you my dream,  I must tell you that I have lived in a beautiful condo here in the beautiful Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Florida for 13 years. I feel incredible blessed to be living in a resort where.. Read More

OY VEY! My Teeth Are Too Big For My Mouth Dream

I was very tired when I went to bed last night,  so I programmed my dreams with the angel of sleeping and dreaming. I asked HER to help me to sleep deeply uninterrupted throughout the night. I also asked if there were any important messages that SHE had for me to please help me to remember the dreams very clearly, but not to disturb my sleep. I woke up this morning just before.. Read More

Dreaming Of The Power Going Off

Last night, I programmed my dreams with God, my Higher Power and Archangel Chamuel. Again, I asked them to work on me while I am sleeping and dreaming (and while I am awake) for the continuation of the raising my core vibration. I also asked for the continuation of the raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I also asked to be a clear and perfect channel for.. Read More

The Naked Black Hot Sexy Man Dream

Last night I programmed my dreams with God and my Higher Self for continuing to raise my core vibration and for raising my wealth frequency, my success frequency, my love frequency and my health frequency. I woke up around 3 or 3:30 am to a dream that seemed incomplete to me.  Yes, the number 3 means the Angels and Ascended Masters are trying to get my attention. In my dream, it feels like I am.. Read More

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