My Inner Voice Is Speaking To Me Dream

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER FOR LAST NIGHT Dear  God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Uriel.   Please guide me and direct me in my dreams tonight, and please help me to move from a limited and scarcity belief paradigm to an abundance belief paradigm , so that I can lead a much more fulfilling life with no limitations on myself and so that I can manifest the life of my dreams in the physical world… Read More

Pop The Magic Soul Connection Dream With A Shocking Ending

   I had the dream below on January 6, 2019. I have known for a long time that many of my dreams are precognitive dreams, and the precognitive dream below manifested itself on February 21, 2019. I went on a singles cruise February 16-23, 2019. I developed a small crush on a guy in our group, and we were hanging with each other a lot (usually in a group with others).I do not.. Read More

The Ah Ha Moment From My Dreams Last Night

Quite simply,  When I programmed my dreams last night, I asked God to help me receive any important messages that is for my soul’s highest and best good. MY DREAM JOURNEY LAST NIGHT Here are the parts I remember about my dream. There is a man who really likes me. He is very frustrated with me, because I am never on time. He is an Uber driver. He has arrived to take me.. Read More

The Man On The Phone Dream

I love programming my dreams for specific results, and I have found that dream programming for myself produces positive results, and has helped me to transform my life in the most unexpected and surprising ways. MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER FOR LAST NIGHT Dear  Archangel Uriel and my Divine Spirit. Please work with me in my dreams tonight in showing me and guiding  into  the life of my dreams, and please help me to.. Read More

Love Notes From A Secret Soul Admirer Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING Last night, I programmed my dreams  with my dream guides (God,  Archangels Raphael and Michael)  for some healing on some health issues. I also asked them to work with me in doing soul retrieval, so that I can put  the pieces of my soul back together that I lost in childhood from feeling abandoned, rejected and unworthy of love and prosperity. This is so that I can meet and connect with.. Read More

My Airline Ticket To Love Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors and my Ancestral Teacher. Please come into my dreams tonight and help me to free myself of the core belief (that may have passed down in my family line from generation to generation) that I don’t deserve to be loved and that everything and everybody that I love will be taken away from me (including money),  so that I can  attract my future perfect true love.. Read More

My Breaking My Pattern Of Emotionally Unavailable Men Dream Journey

Yesterday, I did a youtube meditation to discover the gifts that were passed down from my ancestors to me, and my Ancestral Teacher showed me the gift of my psychic abilities, which I am very grateful for.  My Ancestral Teacher also showed me my power, something that I have always been afraid of. My psychic abilities, when I first discovered them, were so powerful that it frightened me. Somehow, as I got older,.. Read More

The Pink House That Lost Its Charm Dream

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear  Spirit of my Ancestors. Please come into my dreams tonight while I am sleeping soundly and continue to help me in breaking free of the chains of poverty and scarcity passed down in my family from generation to generation, so that I can feel like I am enough, and so that I can open up to the flow of receiving and accepting abundance, prosperity and a beautiful relationship.. Read More

My Amazing Day Of Proof That My Dream Guides Are Working On Me

DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear Caer Ibormeith, Irish Goddess of Sleep and prophetic dreams, and Aengus Og, Irish God of Love. Please come into my dreams tonight, and do some healing on me tonight. Please help me to make a paradigm shift from being emotionally unavailable and unattainable to being emotionally available and attainable,  so that I can attract the right emotionally available soul mate to me for a permanent relationship.  MY DREAM MEMORY.. Read More

Home Alone The Adult Version Dream

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear Greek God Asklepios  While I am sleeping and in my dreams tonight, please help me to enter into your Greek Healing Temple, so that I can make a paradigm shift and attract an emotionally available soul mate to me who will be for my soul’s highest and best good for a  long lasting relationship. Thank you. Amen. MY DREAM JOURNEY What an amazing dream I had last night… Read More

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