The Dude On The Plane Dream

MY DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER FOR LAST NIGHT Dear  God and Archangel Uriel.  Please help me to surrender my love life to you in my dreams tonight, and please work with me in my dreams tonight in guiding  into  the love life of my dreams with the perfect soul mate for me for a permanent relationship. MY DREAM MEMORY I am at a large gathering in another state. There is this man, and we.. Read More

The Man I Was Kissing In My Dreams Last Night

Dear God, John Of God and Goddess Lakshmi. While I am sleeping and dreaming, please help me to heal my negative unconscious beliefs about money that began in childhood and that have effected my adult life in the most surprising ways that I will recognize and remember, so that my life can be much more financially rewarding . Please show me what my negative unconscious beliefs about money are, and then help me.. Read More

The Large Grand And Fancy Hotel Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING My dreams have been so intense the last few nights. The intensity of my dreams have  caused me not to feel like I have been getting enough sleep, so I programmed my my dreams and also my sleep with  God and Archangel Raphael last night. I asked them to please help me to get a really good night’s sleep by asking them for deep healing and restorative uninterrupted sleep. I also asked them also to help.. Read More

The $5000 Surprise Dream

Last night, I continued the programming of my dreams with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel. I asked them to please help me in experiencing oneness with my divine source in the most surprising , exciting and  profound ways that I will recognize. I also asked that they please  work with me in my dreams  in helping me in the transition from a scarcity paradigm shift  to an abundance paradigm shift. This is in.. Read More

My Amazing Heart Wall Healing Dream

  Linda Kaye Love Psychic Medium and Dream Coach The Dreamers Guide To Creating The Sexy Juicy Soul Mate Of Your Dreams How To Know When Someone Is Thinking Of You Last night, I programmed my dreams with my healing angels, archangels and guardian angels.  I thanked them for the heart wall healing I had from my Emotions Code Practitioner, Kathy Waits, for releasing my heart walls, because all my angels were there.. Read More

My Unlimited Minutes Dream

I programmed my dreams with my Dream Doula last night. I asked her while I am sleeping and dreaming to help me to give birth to a new, expanded and unlimited version of myself.  In my dream, I went to India to work on the phone doing psychic readings. In real life that is what I do for a living. In fact, I was giving someone a phone reading in my dream. My.. Read More

My Powerful Dreams & Visions From God & The Archangels This Morning

Last night, I had one very powerful and enlightening vision and two very powerful dreams. I programmed my dreams with God, Archangel Michael (protection) and Archangel Ariel (prosperity). FIRST DREAM AND VISION-  I woke up at what I thought was 5:45am and grabbed my journal to write down the dream only to just barely able to grasp the essense of the dream, which was about creating and keeping  everything and everybody that I.. Read More

Cruising The Highs Seas Dream With Archangel Raphael & My Guardian Angel

Last night, I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael (the Angel of Healing) and my Guardian Angel. I asked for healing on my  anger towards my ex husband that I have been holding on to, for 44 years (yes that long). I felt trapped in my marriage.  I have never remarried. I was so unhappy in the marriage that I actually remember the very second, the very moment, I made the decision  to keep myself alone.  It is time.. Read More

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