The Difference Between Real Psychics & Fake Psychics

As a professional psychic who knows deep within the depths of my soul that my gifts are a blessing from God, I have seen way too many people getting ripped off by Fake Psychics (gypsys). Here are the PINK FLAG warnings on and off the internet. . 1.  Ads that say “Reunite Loved Ones”. They make these promises that if you pay them huge amounts of $$$$ they will light candles for you .. Read More

Does Your Lover Act Like Popcorn?

Does your lover have a  popcorn personality? Popcorn lovers are inconsistant, and they have a habit of popping in and out of your life. You just never know when you are going to see them. If they do stick around, they know how to butter you up. Here is two affirmations to shake and bake your lover into sticking around. CHOOSE ONE and repeat it 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and.. Read More

Ridiculous Personal Ad Responses

Being single, I have my profile on several dating sites. I have decided to post some of the ridiculous and fake responses I get. Of course I leave their names off.  Here is his message to me. How are u doing today? Well i just want u to know that i was just fooling around when i suddenly came across your pic and believe me,i was totally swept off my feet cos it.. Read More

Beautiful Affirmation To Bring Out God’s Truth

  If you want the truth, and I mean God’s truth in regardin,g the relationship between you and your spouse boyfriend/girlfriend or ex lover, simply repeat the following affirmation out loud 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again EVERYDAY out loud until you see results. It doesn’t matter if he or she is in your presence at the moment, because this affirmation will open up the lines of communication between.. Read More

Releasing Affirmation For Relationship Breakups

Buy your lost love psychic reading here. After many years of being a professional love psychic, I recognize that the majority of relationship breakups are painful and very difficult to get over. The majority of psychic readings that I do are for single men and women going through either a relationship breakup or going through a crossroads in their relationship in which a decision must be made to either continue with the relationship.. Read More

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