Sexy Love Affirmations – 24 Different Kinds Of Lovers

Have I got the perfect Valentines Day Gift For You for your lover, sweetheart, soul mate, best friend, etc.  Please watch my youtube video. and share it with your friends and lovers. Without affirmations, I don’t know where I would be today. God blessed me with the ability and knowledge to help others, and since 1985, I have done just that as a Psychic Medium, Soul Communicator and Psychic Love Coach.  Sexy Love.. Read More

My Dream Two Nights Ago

I have had many many very vivid dreams in my lifetime, but recently  I have been dreaming a lot. I believe it is due to my wonderful discovery of EFT Tapping. I get the sense that I am doing a lot of releasing. I always pay attention to the symbols, and I blog the significant dreams that I have.  I had a very intense dream two nights ago. This Asian Emperor was in.. Read More

Affirmations For Disolving Problems In Relationships

  Childhood issues and past relationship issues effect your present and can really wreck havoc on your belief about yourself and your love life. What you believe creates the environment you are in. If you don’t believe you deserve love, your unconscious self will work to sabotage your relationships. Perhaps you have abandonment issues that resulted from being abandoned by a parent in childhood.  Fear and anger can cover a broken heart and.. Read More

Releasing Affirmation For Relationship Breakups

Buy your lost love psychic reading here. After many years of being a professional love psychic, I recognize that the majority of relationship breakups are painful and very difficult to get over. The majority of psychic readings that I do are for single men and women going through either a relationship breakup or going through a crossroads in their relationship in which a decision must be made to either continue with the relationship.. Read More

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