Christmas and the holidays are a very magical time, but for some people it can increase the feelings of loneliness and longing. I have some great psychic sales to help you see into how the holidays and beyond will be for you. Join my Raving Fan Club; and if it is before 11:59pm Sunday December 27, you will receive my newletter with the Christmas Psychic Sales.

We all have our own unique ways of delving into our soul to heal emotionally and physically. Sometimes our innermost core beliefs get in the way of what we want out of life.For me, my healing has been through EFT Tapping, Reiki Healings, Reiki Attunements,  Soul Healing, Coaching, Seminars, etc. For others, it can be through meditation, prayer, visualizarion,  hypnosis, etc. It is whatever way you connect with that counts. Give yourself the gift of healing as your one big resolution for the new year.

December is a time of giving. I get a lot of joy out of paying it forward; however, my goal for 2016 is to extend some of the magic throughout the year instead of limiting it to Christmas time. Whether it is going through the line at McDonalds and paying for the person in back of you  or being an anonymous Santa Clause for someone in need or giving an extra large tip to your nail or hair person, it can make them feel “rich” and blessed, and it can make us feel the same way. God is always with us. We are safe & protected by divine love.