In order to create wealth in your life, you have to believe in your ability to create wealth. The more you repeat one of these wealth affirmations the better. I strongly advise you to repeat the affirmation of your choice 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again out loud for at least 21 days without skipping a day. It takes 21 days to shift and change a deep seeded belief..


I am a sexy famous wealthy superstar (coach, teacher, etc).

God is expanding my prosperous world.

I am living in a prosperous world where I have an unlimited source of wealth flowing to me constantly.

My world that I live in is a prosperous world.

I deserve to be rich and prosperous; therefore, I am rich and properous.

I am prospering NOW.

I have a limitless supply of money flowing to me everyday and in everyway.

I have unlimited sources of income.

God is protecting and supporting me financially.

God is raising my wealth condition.

My wealth condition is constantly expanding

My income is constantly increasing.

My wealth is expanding everyday and in everyway.

Divine love is working through me now in creating for me in my life right now champaign moments

I am divinely traveling in elite circles with the rich and famous.

I am rich and famous.

Large quantities of money are flowing into checking (or savings) account right now.

God Prospers me now.

I am now divinely experiencing the prospering power of God’s love.

I am receiving all the love, sex and romance that the universe has for me now..

I am living a life of richness and opulence in _____.

God is blessing me with riches and opulence.

God is blessing me financially.

I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you God for my wonderful and growing income from my wonderful and growing clientele.

God is raising my wealth condition.

I am living a life of great wealth and opulence in my beautiful $10 million mansion.

I am divinely blessed.

I am a rising star.

I am a superstar.

I am a rich bitch.