Years ago, I listened to an audio on Creative Visualization I cannot remember the author, but it could have been Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization. There are many books on the subject of Creative Visualization, so I cannot say for sure it was Shakti Gawain’s book. I have, however, adopted a particular visualization process over the years, and it began by listening to this particular audio. It has  worked wonders for every aspect of my life.  I have, however, not done this process recently  for creating greater love, joy and intimacy in my life by attracting  a soul mate . I woke up this morning vowing to start doing the visualization process again at least once a day. Before I begin the process, I would like to explain just exactly what creative visualization is. 

Our powerful sexy imaginations are a significant part of  the process of creating our soul mate along with FEELING and SPEAKING what we deeply desire to achieve in our love, sex and romantic life. We are born with a creative imagination, so  we know how to do this process. Since we have been using Creative Visualization since we were children, our active imaginations helped us and guided us  in the process of becoming adults without realizing that we were doing Creative Visualization the whole time  to see what we wanted to be and do in our futures.  As children, we imagined that our Prince or Princess Charming  (our soul mate) would come and steel our hearts. We imagined what he or she would look like, etc. etc. etc.  We even imagined that our dolls were our own babies. Now as adults, we have transformed our innocent childhood Prince Charming desires into  adult love and adult sexual desires.

All that being said, Creative Visualization is a powerful and effective technique in which we use your own thoughts, feelings and imagination to create great love, great sex and great passion; which of course could equals a soul mate, a playful lover or whatever scenerio we wish to achieve by always being in the present tense and FEELING it into existance. We must, however, remember that if we are using Creative Visualization to get someone back , we CANNOT change a person’s will. My desire is to go with what the universe wants for me, so I never put a specific person’s face into my visualization. You can, however, use this  Creative Visualization process to enhance an already existing sexual and emotional relationship.


Find a quiet place by yourself.  Close your eyes and  pretend like you are talking to a friend. It doesn’t matter who it is. Say this person’s name OUT LOUD  and start talking to your “friend” about your future soul mate relationship of your dreams as if your soul mate and lover is already in your life. (ie. Oh Sarah. My boyfriend is so hot, etc. etc. etc.).

Describe him or her to your “friend” in detail. As you are talking, FEEL the sexual, emotional, spiritual and psychic connection between you and see yourself holding hands, kissing, making love to your soul mate.   

Do this everyday for at least 15 minutes a day and in no time at all, you will have created a new soul mate relationship.

Now to speed up the process so he or she comes in quicker, try doing this at least 2-3 times a day.

Don’t forget to talk about how connected you are to eachother sexually, emotionally, spiritually and psychically.

Talk about the love between you and how connected you feel to him or her emotionally, sexually and spiritually.

Talk about your sexual relationship. Feel it as if you are experiencing pure joy and ecstacy while having sex with him or her. FEEL  yourself having an orgasm or even multiple orgasms with him or her. Describe how it feels for him to find your G Spot. Describe how it feels for him to go down on you while you orgasm and how good it feels while she is giving you a blow job. Describe the after glow between you.

Visualize the size of his penis big or small (your preference), and visualize the size of her boobs big or small (your preference).

Talk about how he/she treats you and how you are a priority to him/her. See yourself as a woman being treated like a Goddess and spoiled like a princess.

See and feel yourself as a giving  man or woman.

Talk about how he or she makes you feel in and out of the bedroom. Describe how you both love to spoon and cuddle, and feel yourself spooning and cuddling with him or her. See yourself holding hands and kissing alone or in public (depending on what your preferences are).

If your a woman who has body issues, FEEL and  SEE yourself walking proudly naked in front of him and  FEEL AND SEE him loving your body. SEE AND FEEL yourself dressing sexy for him in and out of the bedroom, BECAUSE YOU LOVE YOUR BODY. FEEL yourself loving your body. FEEL him loving your body. If you are a man, see and feel yourself being proud of your perfectly imperfect body.

Talk about the kind of things you like to do together and what thinks you have in common in and out of the bedroom.

If your desire is to marry, see yourself walking down the isle with your dearly beloved. Describe your wedding dress, whose at your wedding and how you are feeling at that moment in time.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

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