SPECIAL NOTE – I am fascinated by the subject of past lives and deja vu, and I would love for you to share your past life memories in the comment section of this blog post. Let’s get a spirited conversation going.

Have you ever experienced DEJA VU? Deja vu  is a feeling inside of you that you have experienced an event, conversation, etc. before. For instance, meeting someone and feeling like you have always known him or her or perhaps you travelled to another country, and felt like you have lived there before.   The word DEJA VU was first used by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac.  The French  translation mean ALREADY SEEN.

When I was around 6 or 7 years old, our family moved into a new home. Right from the get go, I started getting feelings of deja vu  in the house, and I began to vividly remember past life details. I even knew her name. I especially got these deja vu feelings in the bathroom constantly. There wasn’t a day  or moment that went by that I didn’t feel that familiar feeling of having been there in a past life. I especially felt those deja vu feelings in the doorway of the bathroom and in front of the mirror while brushing my hair. I NEVER  shared this knowledge with anyone while I was growing up in that house. I used to know the name of the woman who I reincarnated from, and I could also see her grave site.  In that life, I was a very beautiful woman with very long and luxurious brown hair. I used men in that lifetime for money, etc. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my soul (me) is living the karma from that particular past life.  On occassion, I would pass a certain high school that I had never been to, and I knew that if I went inside that high school, I would know where everything was. It felt that familiar to me. A few years back, I did some research and discovered when the house I grew up in was built. I also found out that the original owners  had a daughter, and that their kids went to that school. That is as far as my research went. Now, I am aware that it didn’t have to be that last past life. I could have lived on that land decades or centuries before. Upon graduation at the age of 18, our family moved about 1 1/2 hours away from that area. The moment we moved, I felt the light come on; and my life changed for the better. The heavy surpressing energy disappeared.

I believe very strongly in past lives and the karma that we bring into this lifetime. I sell Reki Attunements  that help to clear up past life karma in all aspects of your life.  They rang from $20 on up depending on the Reiki Master who channelled the specific system you are interested. I have also channelled. Click here to review the SOUL SHOWER CLEANSING ATTUNEMENT founded by me.

 As I grew older, I began  strongly developing my psychic feelings and insights. my psychic abilities fascinated me. In 1980, I went through a really intense workshop called Lifespring,. Shortly after, I started seeing spirits and my psychic abilities intensified to the point where I could be walking down the street and I just would going to a fog and see images and get psychic insights. I worked for a bank for five years, and during this time my coworkers reap the rewards of my psychic insights and my mediumship. It came to a point, where I was asked to stop doing it in the office. I didn’t, and so I was like go. It was A happy day for me, because I always said someday I’m going to do professional psychic readings. That someday came 30 years ago when I got let go from that job.

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